Saturday 14 December 2013

At the Opticians

Hello All.
Well, I spoke too soon , but I am DEFINITELY feeling much better now, apart from a stinker of a cold. On the plus side the cold is bound to be gone by Christmas!
Thank you for all your good wishes.

Went to Asda to have my eyes tested last Thursday. My last glasses ( I wear vari-focals) cost just under £400 and I determined to get a better deal. A friend used Asda last time he had new specs and is very happy with the results. A couple of months ago I supported one of our shared lives guys to have his specs made there too and that went well. At that time they assured me that they could do my prescription for £99!. So what had I to lose?
It was important that the health of my eyes was assessed before my appointment at ENT in the new year and  I was delighted to find that my eyes are healthy. My prescription has changed quite a bit too. So there I am looking at the rows of specs... don't you just hate this bit? Gosh I don't know which suit me or what to choose. The woman was really helpful and I decided on a pair similar to those I already wear. She then tells me that these will cost me £89 with my voucher (What voucher?- she assures me that I have one!) Would I like to consider another pair for an extra £49? As she said this the lens fell out of the specs I was wearing, she tried to mend them but the thread had gone in the hole for the screw and I was glad that I had a spare pair at home. So  No-brainer!! I said that I would have another pair and chose something a little different to the style I usually have. I am hoping they will be ready for Christmas.
D. has his last stint as Santa tomorrow and then the suit goes away for another year. Last week he did several turns as Santa on the narrow boat that our Canal Society owns and tomorrow he is doing a stint for the Fire Service.
 I'm a little behind with the Christmas preparations now, but I'm sure that I will catch up.. And if I don't, the world won't end will it? YD came over last monday and helped me to buy a few things on the internet which has helped.
Adam is here for the weekend. I have saved all the dried beans that he has podded over the last few weeks so that he can sort them all out into colours/types tomorrow. I really know how to entertain folk don't I ?! He will LOVE doing that and it will be so useful for me too. I will put some aside for next years seed and some for casseroles.
We have been offered  whatever we want from a huge pile of pallets at a local firm. What we don't have will be burnt next week so we have been taking the trailer and have filled it three times. Hopefully we will be able to get a little more in the next few days. Some of the wood is very good quality and D. keeps putting it away for "projects" even though it is suppose to be for burning!
 Need to close for now.
Before I go I need to offer a warm welcome to new follower Myshabbychicfrugalife and to Verity and Chel C on bloglovin.
And an especially warm thank you all for staying with me and bothering to read this stuff.
Night Night All


  1. Ooo I have pallet envy ... we use to get lots at one time but our source has dried up ... great things .. we made allsorts from them and they kept us warm.
    I desperately need to get my eyes done .. it just costs such a lot .. important thouh eh!

    Vicky x

    1. I had my eyes tested 2 years ago, but my prescription this time was VERY different. I guess as we get older more changes are inevitable. Not that you or I are getting older tho'!

  2. Him Outside picked up a load of pallets yesterday, our problem is where to put them to keep them dry before they are cut, they take up a lot of room.

    With our youngest being practice manager at the local opticians we get reminded forcefully to get our eyes tested! and a bit of a discount too- Handy.

    1. When you get a good stack of similar pallets it isn't so bad. It's the huge pile of different wooden shapes that takes some covering and also looks a sight!. D. is working hard to cut up what he can, but it started to rain yesterday. hey ho!
      I was surprised at how different my prescription was this time, which explains some of the problems I have been having driving recently. So it is a good job I have had them done.

  3. I'm also snuffling away this end Gill. So much still to do but not stressing yet ! Love what you do for your weekend family, really cheers me x

    1. There seems to be a lot of colds about at the moment.
      I am putting a pic of Adam doing his bean sorting on my next post.

  4. Don't let your hubby on pinterest! Have you seen all the lovely things people make with pallets? Oh my! You will have a cold winter and no firewood. X

    1. I do have to keep him focussed on the fire when the wood is as good as some in this latest pile! I'll deffo not show him anything to give him more ideas!