Monday 23 December 2013

A Happy Christmas and Peaceful Everybody

I expect  shan't be in Blogland for a couple of days or so.
Tomorrow during the day I need to get ready for Christmas day. In the evening we are going to an early party with YD before picking up our grandson from work and going on to a bit of a booze-up with friends. Home before midnight hopefully as Christmas day is a pretty early start as everybody arrives here for 12.00 when we open presents and then eat at about one ish. My friend  bought the turkey today. he always buys the turkey for us, which is kind of him. it is always called "Lucky" apart from last year when he bought it from a different butcher so said it should have a different name. YGD (age 7) was given the task of choosing a name and she decided on "willy". let your imagination play out the conversations over dinner. "Can I have some more Willy please?" is one I  CAN repeat! So this year we decided we would go back to Willy, until I saw that it was labelled "Hen Turkey" so we will have to think again on Christmas day!
 A large piece of beef arrived from our local butcher today too, courtesy of ED. We will have this Christmas evening when I do a buffet for when everybody else arrives. YD has bought and frozen 100 pigs in blankets ! Everybody likes these. I usually buy a largish ham for the buffet too, but the bacon/ham joints at Lidl have been so good this year that I bought two of these instead... and very nice they look too. Other contributions to the day , from the family, are the crackers, the christmas pud, cava, shloer, wine and a  brie so we are well found for food with all the home made  bread, pickles and salads. TGD and I made a trifle and a meringue today, which kept her busy as she is getting just a tad excited by now.
 EGD finished all her  home made presents today and they are safely hidden away until Wednesday. I have taken photos to show you after Christmas, she has worked so hard on them.
Anyway enough of my Christmas ramblings. it remains for me to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a peaceful and happy new year.
A special thank you to those who follow my blog ( I do so enjoy reading yours too)


  1. Merry Christmas. Enjoy your time with family and will see you in 2014!

  2. Happy Christmas to you and yours.

  3. Have a lovely time with your family and a frugaling new year too.

  4. Merry Christmas to you and your family. X

  5. So what name did the turkey get this year ?
    I can imagine the fun that was had with "Willy" last year lol x