Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Pies, leaking taps and on-line banking

Thought I would let you know how I got on with the pheasant pie and Ox hearts. Having trouble with photos at the moment so hope to post something tomorrow.
 The raised game pies went well...until I  made holes in the pie crust when I took them out of the tins and so couldn't fill with jelly ! The pie filling is extremely tasty, but perhaps a little dry because of the lack of jelly. D reckons a good dollop of chutney should help with that! The jelly wasn't wasted as I covered the containers of animal food I had made with it, which look quite attractive for Dixie and Prickly Pete.
 The diced heart in the slow cooker tasted a bit "strong" ( sort of offally and horse meaty !) at first and was a little tough. However, a further few hours slow cooking and the flavour mellowed to just beef flavour and was tender. I have halved this and made one large and one small meat and potato pie with one half and added vegetables to the other to make a stew. Having a little pastry left over I made a cheese and onion quiche.
Used the last of the leeks from the garden in a leek and potato soup for lunch. Line caught (by D) pollack with potato wedges, green beans in tomatoes and brussels for tea. Nearly the last brussels too, we are coming up to a poor time in the veg garden now, so will be using more frozen stuff, though I also buy a lot of fresh veg from Lidl. ( I will post my recipe for green beans in tomato sauce another day)
Managed to find a washer for the sink tap in the bathroom, so D. mended it this afternoon. Hurrah! the dripping has been driving me mad! I suspect that if our water was metered it would have been mended sooner! Apparently if I had had to call a plumber it would have cost me about £50. I did try to get to grips with what D. was doing so that it is something I could do myself next time. (not sure I will be able to though)

Early tomatoes and maincrop onion seed sprutting in the propagators. No sign of the early broad beans yet.

I must confess that unlike most of you (I suspect) I have no idea how much money I have in my bank most of the time. So I am determined to change this and so with help from my youngest I have set the wheels in motion to start on-line banking. Yes, I know, I know, that's nothing new! .. it is to me!! I'm a current account with a cheque book and using the Royal Mail sort of girl.
Enough of this rambling for now. Peace


  1. You will find online banking great.. once you have got to grips with it... I'm convert!

    I wondered if the heart would taste a bit strong .. mind you these days I wouldn't know where to buy one from around here.


    1. Now I have decided I'm quite excited about on line banking. Just waiting for the paperwork to come through and I'm off !
      it seems that you just have to ask your local butcher and he will put them aside from you, otherwise I reckon they are used in animal food and beefburgers ( as oppose to horse!)