Monday, 4 February 2013

A Meaty Day

 Had a bit of a "meaty" day today, so my vegetarian friends probably won't be too interested !
  Firstly, I was given two pheasants last night. I'm not a great game fan so have decided to make a raised pie. with them. I have chopped the pheasant meat with some of our rabbit meat, some cockerel breast some fatty pork (from our local butchers) put the lot into a bowl with seasoning, spices, herbs and a splash of home made wine. This is now in the (beer) fridge until tomorrow. The bones and bits are stewing away gently so that I can a make a jelly) Tomorrow I will make hot water crust cook the pie for about two and a half hours, cool it an then pour the jelly in the hole in the top. That's the plan!!! Hope it works!
  Below is a picture of my godson, who is  keen on self sufficiency and VERY frugal, which I am always pleased to see in the younger generation (younger than me that is!) He has been experimenting with Ox hearts,which are extremely cheap as few people want them. He bought a goodly quantity and has processed them in several ways - mince, steak, stew and burgers. The picture shows him and his children organising the meat. He also has a good amount of waste i.e fat, gristle and pipes which he has made into meals,  both fresh and processed for his dog, ferrets and hawk. Not to be outdone at something I have never tried in my many years as a from-scratch cook I have bought two hearts myself today ! From one heart (cost -£3.00) I have three and a half pounds of extremely lean, cubed meat in the slow cooker, which I will turn into stew and  meat and potato pie tomorrow while the cooker is on for the game pie. I also have a large pan full of the off-cuts etc which I will cook tomorrow for the animals and some fat to render down for beef dripping. I will let you know how it all turns out.

It is the Civic Society Committee Meeting here tonight. They really will have to take me as they find me as I have been too busy processing to do any housework. After a few glasses of red they may not notice!!
Note to Moonwaves - I replied to your post about the freezers, but don't know where it ended up. Hope you can find it. I'm not too good at this blogging lark am I ?!
Take care and thanks for reading


  1. I have cooked ox heart and lights, liver and sweetbreads (pancreas) made brawn and cooked pigs cheeks and pig tales and jugged a hare. I also buy chickens feet then I see them at the chinese store as they really are good for stock. I would like to have one of those cold frames with a heating element in it so I could grow salad all winter but I think in our climate it might not be feasible.
    Very few people live like we do; one of my DILs, bless her has never handled a raw chicken. I do it because I dont want to lose those skills I have always valued but other folk can do what they like, I dont judge.

  2. Thanks for the reply. It was just underneath the comment I had left. :) Will have to start seriously checking out freezers now and do some research before deciding how much I need to save.

    1. Good Luck with that. Hope you manage to save up for one soon. Gill

  3. I cook hearts for my dogs, but when I was young and still a meat eater, my Mum would stuff them with sage and onion and roast them in the oven.

  4. Dumb question, but does the heart taste strong like liver does? I've never eaten it.

    Now I do like liver with onions and gravy.

    The pheasant pies sound wonderful!

  5. it's good to hear that all parts of an animal are eaten, Lizzie. If we are to kill animals to feed ourselves we should ensure that nothing is wasted, which in turn will ensure we need to kill less ! I also believe that people like ourselves in frugal-land who keep the old skills/ways will be needed in the future when times get hard. Gosh! sounded a bit "lecturish" don't I?
    I have seen a recipe for stuffed heart Kath, but it was for lamb. Worth a try I reckon, though will probably need braising for Ox heart as it is tougher.
    I think that Heart is a little "strong" in flavour, not dissimilar to horsemeat (if you have knowingly had it) Perhaps it does have a taste of offal, but the longer it has been cooking in the slow cooker the less strong it has tasted. I suspect if you sliced it thinly and braised it in the slow cooker with onions you would love it Shara.
    Thanks for the interesting conversations all

  6. Braised stuffed lamb hearts so reminds me of my childhood. In fact my 78 year old dad still makes them on request for my DS16. School chums don't understand his relish at this dish along with oxtail, neck of lamb stew, steak and kidney suet pudding, treacle pudding, spotted dick and ofcourse bread pudding.

  7. Sounds like our house ! Your dad's food is especially good for the winter. Nothing better than coming home from school or work to a hearty(literally!) meal.
    Thanks for commenting Emma