Wednesday 20 February 2013

Frugal Pornography and Unsalted Beans

I've not been a blogger for long and so I still find the "Stats" interesting and usually go to them whenever I am in Blogland. I'm always fascinated to see in which country someone might be reading my blog and how they found their way here.
Last night was no different. I went to Stats, then Traffic Sources, where I saw that some people had used google or some such search engine or as the follower on someone else's blog or website. There was one I didn't recognise, so I clicked on the source and..........Heck!!! naked women! copulating couples! and more!! A page of pornographic photographs! I immediately came off the page, while looking over my shoulder to see who might be there, judging me as some sort of  over-sexed Hell's Granny, surfing the sex sites. As I was alone in the room at the time this was unlikely, but I still felt guilty for looking, albeit unintentionally.
I asked my computer-savvy youngest how the site had got there. She tells me that sometimes people can log onto your site by accident, especially if your blog name is similar. .."Frugal in Derbyshire" ?!!!! the mind boggles. The guys came up with a few ideas, which are best left I think.
Has anyone else had a similar experience ?

On a more positive note. Re. the salted green beans. I tried Angelsey Allsorts suggestions for getting rid of the saltiness and ... success!! the saltiness has gone and they are much crisper than frozen ones.
 I rinsed the beans a couple of times and put them to soak overnight  This morning I changed the water and left them to soak until teatime. I then rinsed them again  before putting them to boil in a saucepan with a quartered potato. We had them as a side dish with our Spanish omelette tonight.
So thank you Vicky. I shall now happily salt my beans this summer!


  1. Some sites set out to increase their traffic by logging on to their own site, then visiting others at random. This is done by simply going to a blog where there is a blog roll down the margin, or clicking on "next blog". They know that curiosity will makes us follow their link back to their site.
    I've had various sites come a'calling, "debt solutions" comes to mind, I don't bother to check them now.

  2. I have had some dodgy things come up on my screen...........