Thursday, 14 February 2013

A Sunny Day and Sewing update

A Lovely sunny day and there are bees flying from all three hives. That's VERY promising. I know that winter isn't over yet, but a goodly part of it has gone, so fingers crossed!!
Grandson and I have been preparing to plant some fruit trees and strawberries. We opened up the old compost heap and the compost is BEAUTIFUL! So D will make a large sieve  and we can start getting the greenhouses ready too. D and the shared lives guys B and C have been doing some hard pruning and bonfire building in the front garden, they've really worked hard..
 The weather has been awful up until today. This has meant that I have been able to attack the sewing again. This was fortunate as the youngest granddaughter wanted a rock and roll outfit for this friday. She particularly wanted red and a full skirt, but I hadn't enough red satin, so the outfit shown below is the compromise. I just put a couple of scraps of the red satin on the tie, which I made out of lining. The blouse is only just big enough too as I had very little white satin. I would have had  more red and white satin, but I had cut out (and nearly finished) an upsy-daisy skirt for a young relative , which had used up quite a bit.
 YGD looks a little tousled in the pic. as she had been twizzling round to show off her flared skirt!

below is the bag I have made for when I need to carry papers and files when out walking. This is mostly when I am with the Civic Society. I find heavy tote bags a stress on my shoulder and neck, so I have made this more of a rucksack style. The body is made of  upholstery  fabric ( which has already made an appearance on this blog as a chair cover!) with the wide straps made of corduroy. I have sewn a fabric pencil case with a front zip pocket on, to the front to keep my mobile and keys in. 

Other things on the go are the giraffe which is nearly finished now and a jumper, which I am excited to say is "on the home straight". I'm not the quickest knitter and it must be at least six months since I started it. I found the wool in some of my mother's stuff and am making myself a jumper.. yes ! something for ME!

I have been unable resist starting to make ready for the quilt  as demonstrated by Frugal Queen a few weeks ago. It is such an easy pattern and method , especially for the largish quilt I hope to make .Thank you FQ!x

It's not too late to make nearly new resolutions is it? Oh good! I resolve to make a present each month towards next Christmas. Will let you know if I manage it.

Lastly I want to show you what happens when you leave candles in the window in the sun (  My firefighter daughter will tell you you should NEVER have candles near curtains - but that's another issue) I showed this to the 4 guys who were sat round my table this lunch and they are still laughing!!!!

Sunny days 


  1. The little skirt looks great and your grand-daughter looks already for the dance ! Very pretty pattern and lovely with the different panels.
    Have a great weekend !

  2. Lovely sewing Gill I bet your granddaughter's pleased, and I love your bag, really cute :)