Saturday 22 December 2012

As I can't sleep I thought I could use the time to update this blog.
On countdown for Christmas. We wont be seeing our Shared Lives Guys, Adam, Bob and Colin until the new year, they have plans with their families and we are busy too.
Had another busy couple of days, mostly getting ready for Christmas. I'm not the most houseproud of folk, so I usually have a mad dash to get the house ready and make room for the onslaught at Christmas.
Looks like we are 18 for Christmas lunch with another 10 or so joining us in the evening. Just about all the food is ready, just need to bang it in the oven. Most people bring something towards the meal. A friend brings the Turkey, youngest daughter brings the pigs in blankets and the pudding, elder daughter brings crackers(both kinds!) and a piece of beef for the evening buffet and friends bring shloer, wine and Cava. I have bought a piece of pork and a ham for the evening.We have parsnips and Brussels in the garden and I have made the stuffing out of saved crusts and my onions, sage and thyme. So just need to add peas, broccoli, carrots and potatoes and jobs a good un ! There should be LOADS of left overs which I will have fun processing and will negate the need to go to the shops for a week.
Getting a few more eggs now, hurrah! have been letting my customers down, but free ranging brings no guarantees. My god son called today and helped me dispatch 3 young cockerels that are causing trouble in the flock (curry in the slow cooker tomorrow). We have had so many broody hens this year, which means at least 50% cockerels hatched and while they are great to look at they become aggressive and competitive at quite a young age when there are quite a few. There are still more to do but they are behaving themselves at the moment.
The river that is the boundary of our field has burst its' banks today again and all the gardens are sodden. Fortunately the field then climbs up to the house which is not in any danger of flooding. I feel for those whose houses are flooded.
Anyway, will try to get some sleep again, especially as my youngest granddaughter is staying the night and is a VERY early riser.I have promised that we will make flapjacks as soon as we have fed the animals and let the hens out and before her dad collects her.
Sweet dreams.

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