Sunday 16 December 2012

A rare quiet Sunday here and after my sister's surprise 70th birthday party last night not unwelcome! D (my husband) took Adam. home after cheese on toast for lunch and then we were "Home Alone" until our youngest daughter joined us for tea. We had home grown lamb shoulder with parsnips and leeks fresh  from the garden, peas frozen in the summer and Lidl carrots and potatoes. She then took  plate meals home for her children, if you call 20 and 17year olds children ! who were dog walking (20yr old) and waiting-on at the local restraunt (17yr old)
 To explain Adam (not his real name) to you. D and I are part of the "Shared Lives" scheme and offer respite and day care to adults with special needs. Adam came to the party with us last night. He has been coming to us for weekend respite since he was 18 and he is now 42. So he is more like a member of our family and is the same age as our youngest.
 This morning after letting the chickens out and feeding the lambs and rabbits and of course our very old goat, Annie, I wrapped a few presents and made the stuffing for Christmas day which I put in the freezer, with a couple of pints of cheese sauce for the same meal. It is especially welcome by vegetarians (as is the stuffing) but everybody seems to want cheese sauce too. I always hope that some sauce is left so that I can make savoury pancakes with leftover vegetables.
 I'm really worried about Annie, she is nearly 16 now and is eating less and less and feeling the cold. I have made her a jacket and D has put the chick's heat lamp over her bed. heavens knows what the electricity bill will be, but what can you do? I am tempting her with her favourite digestive biscuits and offering her warm water to drink throughout the day. She is just old and feeling it. She reminds me of my mum the week before she died aged 88 " I'm getting fed up with this Gill, I'm ready to go " So I'm making Annie as comfy as possible and giving her lots of love and attention.
 Enough for now, off for a shower and then over to friends a few miles away, so that D can go out for a "boys" drink while my friend and I gossip.

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