Tuesday 18 December 2012

Just finished wrapping the last of my home made presents. Shan't say what they are now as friends and family might read about them before Christmas ( Unlikely as they don't know that I have started a blog!) Not all the gifts are home made, which is  something I will aim for next year. This Saturday my eldest granddaughter will be here cooking her presents. Each year she makes cakes, biscuits and sweets for most of the grown -ups and they look forward to their box of Ellie's goodies. And each year Ellie tries new recipes alongside the old favourites. She is a chip off this old block, interested in cooking and making things. She also loves the chickens and helping with the bees. She will be 18 in a months time, aren't I lucky!?
 Have been watching " Home Farm Christmas" .I love the Home Farm series, we can learn much from them, though I do find myself disagreeing with how some of the food prep..." Nooooooo! grate that carrot much finer than that, woman !!" or  " That's going to need to cook longer than that ". But on the whole it is a self sufficient smallholder's ideal programme.
 Annie, our goat is pretty much the same as yesterday. I tried her with several different treats today to get some goodness into her and ironically she did deign to eat half a Ryvita! She is still drinking warm water and dibbling half heartedly at good hay. I shall try her with a "porridgy" meal tomorrow.
 Each Tuesday a couple of friends and a couple of guys from "Shared Lives" meet here to work on our smallholding or on the derelict canal that goes through our village, which we are keen to see returned to use. As this was our last tuesday before Christmas we had our Staff Christmas Lunch. Leek and Potato Soup with tomato bread and mince pie with a meringue top instead of pastry for afters.. and of course, crackers!
 Will close now as I need to collect D from Quiz night ( I don't enjoy quiz nights but do enjoy the gossip afterwards)
PS Have just read Mean Queen's blog, Hope she is okay

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