Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The day ahead

Back to  "Normality" here!
 Lots to do, with the garden giving out its' bounty and me desperately trying not to waste anything. It's beginning to look like a "Glutney Chutney" day. We have quite a few marrows (overgrown courgettes actually!) and I picked up a bucket of cooker windfalls yesterday. I'm pleased to say that very few onions have bolted, probably because I grow from seed not sets, but there are a few, from which I can salvage something. The garlic is now dried  Soooooooooooo. Chutney it is then !
 The words "Glutney Chutney" are not mine, but Hugh F-W's. I adjust the recipe with whatever I have to hand, which is of course what Hugh intended. I will measure stuff as I do it and give you the recipe tomorrow.
Firstly though, I must go and fetch my EGD. We are picking up our supplies for cooking and then she is coming back here to try out a pattern she has found for Christmas presents for some of the family. I shan't say what it is now obviously, as some of our family read this blog!
I have bought down an old electric sewing machine from the loft. It has been there since we moved here in 1981!!! Between us D. and I have got it going again and I was going to use it to set up for a project I am doing (Christmas secret again), so that I could leave it set up and use my treadle as usual for everything else. However EGD should be able to use the electric machine with a little practice, so we'll see how we go.
 As it is tuesday it is likely that there will be a few folk around the table this lunchtime. If I get chance I shall make some leek and potato soup, from the bolted leeks and rogue potato plant that was strangling my Gladioli. If I don't get time it will be egg on toast !!

Still can't load any pics Grrrrr
Back soon


  1. Similar picture here! Lots to pick on the allotment and we've been working as a team to get an old electric sewing machine working too.

    1. The machine didn't behave too well today I'm afraid. Need to look at it again. I'm tempted to take it to a "machine man" in a nearby town. If he doesn't charge too much it might still be worth it!