Sunday 25 August 2013

Back from our Jollys

Hellooooooo Frugal Land!
Back late last night (23.30 hrs) from our Jolly's in Cornwall.
 The weather was brilliant and we are quite scorched from being on the beach each day. With an eight year old who is quite a water babe, body boards and a blow up dingy was all we really needed.  My daughter is threatening to put a pic of me falling out of the dingy on this blog! Hope she doesn't work out how to do it as it is not a pretty sight!
My eldest daughter's mother-in-law (keep up!) who was with us, and I, went to Eden one day and Heligan another, as she has never been to either. I have been many times, but never tire of either.
D. went fishing on tuesday and saturday. So I was processing fish on the tuesday night, some of which we had for tea and the rest I froze and have left it with my friend in Callington. Today I processed the fish he caught yesterday. There was 30lb of fish, which made 10 and a half lbs of ready to eat fish. I cooked about 4 lb of it in milk towards fish pies and fishcakes and the rest is divided between fillets and cougons. The heads, bones and skins I have cooked in the BIG saucepan for the chickens and D. had a mackerel for his lunch and will have the other mackerel cold in a sandwich tomorrow.
After processing I went into the garden ...I have been picking all afternoon and haven't really scratched the surface, but wanted to get some produce out for sale tomorrow. I will carry on picking the beans, plums and blackberries, of which there are MANY, tomorrow. I have taken a photo of the stuff I picked today and the fish, but the blessed card-thingy that goes from my phone to the ST slotty- thingy won't work, so I shall have to wait on those who sort these things before I can load the pics.
Am off to a wedding reception tonight with YD and EGD and her BF. D. is going to meet a friend who he has arranged to see before he realised we were already booked. So he will have to get a taxi to where he is going as I will be elsewhere, boogying on down in Derby.
 I reckon I should get in the shower now as I am pretty grimey. Back with more tomorrow.
A very warm welcome to Wren, Joy, Judy and Trudie. I am looking forward to getting to know you. Thanks ever so much for following.


  1. Goodness you have been busy. Glad the sun shone for you and the fish jumped. You will be busy for a while with the picking as things seem to grow quickly when no one is there to see them!

  2. You are so right. I am selling marrows though they started life as courgettes. Hope nobody notices.... And as for the beans - I was planning on saving some for seed anyway !
    You do really well with your sales they seem to go very quickly. I seem to have to have my sign up for a day before the buyers start calling.