Friday 16 August 2013

Just about to set off for Cornwall, so little time to blog
Firstly, welcome Katy, great to see you here
A friend of ours who collects antiques has recently bought a couple of rare 17th century, handwritten cookery books. The recipes look REALLY interesting and many are frugal. he has lent me the books for a while ( Better be careful not to spill anything on them!!) So when I get back I shall share some with you and we can all  have a go at cooking some simple old fashioned dishes. I can't wait to try "Excellent Buns" for example. It is interesting that oyster pie is no longer frugal as is was then!
My EGD works in the village up the hill from us and told me last week, with no little excitement, that an empty shop was opening as a sewing/fabric shop!! So obviously we couldn't wait to have a look. I was very pleased to see that she will be offering knitting, crochet and sewing classes from September. EGD says she is going to sign up for the sewing classes ( I could show her, but she isn't keen on my treadle!) So if you live in the Amber Valley District of Derbyshire and can get to Crich she is Alison Baker at Love Hector on Crich Market Place. 
Thanks for the kind comments on my last blog.
Off to Cornwall now (in the rain!)
Back next week


  1. Thank you for the welcome :)
    I have had a look at the Love Hector shop, but not been in yet as each time I walk past I have a soggy dog with me after swimming in the horse troughs (dog, not me).
    I will be interested to see how the 17th century recipes turn out, could you fashion a book sleeve out of poly pockets to keep it clean while you cook?

  2. Good idea re. the poly pockets.
    Just scannned through the books again and realise that they begin in the 1700s so they are actually 18th century. can't wait to try some though, so long as I can work out what some of the ingredients are!