Sunday 4 August 2013

Update on Blogchick

Well little "blogchick" is nicely settled with her new mother. The only problem is that mother is just a tad over-protective and won't let baby out to play. I have just managed to get a pic of blogchick getting ready to make a run for a bit of freedom, before mother tucked it back under her! Sorry that the pic is of an even poorer standard than usual, but I had to strike while the iron was hot and take my chances. Just take a look at mum's face  -  If looks could kill........
Now if you have been paying attention, you may have noticed that there are ginger chicks with black mums, grey chicks with ginger mums, black chicks with white mums etc. It is safe to say that any breeding programme we had for this year is up the creek.They have been so manically broody, stealing eggs, swapping nests and joint rearing chicks this year that the only thing I can say to a potential buyer of the pullets I will have for sale soon is.."They are definitely chickens!" Hey Ho! not everyone wants a particular breed, just laying hens  ( I hope)
 The cabbage and bacon dish I made last night was really nice. I will definitely make it again, especially as a side dish. (recipe in blog " Don't you love a google search")
Had a really nice time last night when we went to join our grandson at the pub he works at, for his 21st birthday. His mum YD took a huge tray bake chocolate cake to share around, which went down well. Yesterday I said that I didn't know how they got a group into such a small pub, which has no garden as it is in the hillside on a narrow country lane.
Here's how ! Half sits inside and half camp outside and the rest stand in the road! And what a friendly lot they were, the music was extremely good and I'm told the ale wasn't bad either ! I wouldn''t know as I am not a beer drinker, and even if I was I was the driver! (no surprises there!)
Off to get the dinner (well tea actually) on, as the girls are on their way. Out tonight with friends, but we will move a couple of our bee hives to our friend's garden first, as we need to move them 12 foot within our garden, which cannot be done without them moving a couple of miles away first and then bringing them back to where we want them (I wish I hadn't started that about the bees as it doesn't seem to make sense. I will explain better tomorrow)
Take Care All and thanks for reading


  1. I'm just imagining you standing there, camera poised for half an hour waiting for the chick to appear! The bee thing does make sense

  2. it WAS rather lake that !
    Glad you understood what I was saying re. the bees. Reckon I might take a pic of the bee move. The front garden has hives all over it at the mo, as we have had SIX swarms which all landed in this garden and were boxed there. So we need to tidy it up. (there is even a hive on a table on the lawn!)

  3. At least you took the photo from too large a distance to pick me out without knowing what I look like Grandma. :p
    When did you take this photo anyway? I don't recall seeing you with a camera in hand.

    1. I didn't take it... your mother did with my phone !!
      Grandma xx