Friday, 30 August 2013

Strawberry Spinach

Each year I grow the "Three Sisters". That is, Sweetcorn  with squash growing underneath and climbing french beans climbing up the corn stalks. This is an efficient use of space, though you need to ensure that the ground is well manured early on. Last year I grew some Strawberry Spinach from seed, which didn't do too well, with only a couple of poor plants growing to maturity. One of them must have self seeded however as there is a rich crop of strawberry spinach growing under the sweetcorn this year. The young plant can be used as spinach and the stalks with fruit on serves as an unusual salad decoration. The fruits are quite juicy and have a refreshing, not too sweet, taste. The picture shows a small part of the patch and you can see how much there is.
So my question is... Does anyone else grow it and if so what do THEY do with it ?
 This second picture is of a fruiting stem
The runner beans are finally getting into their stride! here is a picture of the two of the types I grow. The red flowers are Firestorm and the white flowers are Moonlight.  What we need now is some rain!!! D. had to put the sprinkler on tonight to help them out, as the beans should be growing more quickly which will ensure that they are tender.
 And finally, this has been an unusual year in the garden and the surrounding countryside. Each year we have swallows in the wood shed and the barn and each year they bring off two broods. This year they have both bought off THREE broods!
 Here is a picture of the latest from the barn (the two babies are on the right) on their second flight outdoors. We are willing them to be strong enough for their journey to Africa soon.
That's all for now, frugal friends, Back soon
Sleep tight

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  1. I haven't ever had strawberry spinach. It is quite pretty.