Sunday 22 November 2015

Sorting the Books and my Stuffing Recipe

I'm currently getting my "Snug" aka parrot's room, ready to decorate. I have been ruthless with the books in the  book shelves, which will have to come down so that the carpet can be fitted. Between 90 and a 100 books in bags to go. I told you I had been ruthless!.
I put the books up on the "Free to Homes in Amber Valley" FB page and a lovely young woman has just picked them up. She is having a book stall at their PTA Christmas Fayre. Brilliant! It has been quite cathartic clearing those shelves out. I might attack another bookshelf  or corner of shame and continue the sort out..or not.
  Last of the runners to for tea today. I shall miss them, as I never freeze them -  they become a different animal when frozen. So,  no beans until next year ( I certainly won't buy those out of season tasteless beans from Kenya)
 I have started to think about Christmas (sorry Cro) I bought two short-dates loaves at 20p each and have made "The Christmas sage and onion Stuffing" two large trays worth, in the freezer and one less thing to do nearer the day. This stuffing is simple and suitable for vegetarians as well as the carnivores. it's almost too simple to write about, but I will anyway, just in case there is someone out there who might be interested!
 I usually use my food processor to make this.
In  the willy whizzer I make a large bowl full of breadcrumbs. ( In this case I used the loaves, but I also save crusts in the freezer too)
 Now I roughly chop 4 good sized onions and put them into the Whizzer and blitz until well chopped.
I then empty the onions into a saucepan and wash out the whizzer into said saucepan with a scant pint and half of pints of water.
Bring the onions to the boil and simmer five minutes.
While the onions are cooking I put a couple of teaspoons of salt, and a scant teaspoon of pepper into the breadcrumbs along with a  couple of tablespoons of dried sage and one tablespoon of thyme.
 I now pour the hot boiled onions with their water onto the breadcrumbs and mix thoroughly. Done!
 Place into bags and freeze when cool.
When you cook this, don't use too much fat or oil (veggies) just enough to grease the dish.
  I particularly like this stuffing when wrapped in streaky bacon into rolls.

Welcome to Northsider Dave - proper smallholder!- on the follower bar and someone on Bloglovin  - I can't make out who you are as the names have been re-organised for some reason. Sorry about that.
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  1. Stuffing wrapped in Bacon Oh My Goodness ! Everything is better with bacon.

    I love Christmas ! Not sorry at all to all the bahumbugs. And cards ! Sending cards by mail making a connection to family and friends. What is better than getting a card and possible a note in the mail. Perfect.
    The lights, oh the lights, twinkling in the dark, making cookies, candied Grapefruit and Tangelo peels. Sticking cloves in oranges. We buy some small gifts but make most of our Christmas gifts.
    I just stay away from the "Christmas Madness" but I love December.
    I make my Christmas card every year and send them out. Plus I make and send, keeping with the family Japanese tradition of sending out New Year postcards also.
    And I just found a new Christmas song that I heard last year.
    If it was not for me being so sick and falling and my gud dug Watson dieing in the last 6 months I would be even happier.

    My carrots were grown in a pot and not in full sun this year so they are still so small. Maybe by January I will have some carrots. I will post photos of my carrots on Monday. They look nothing like yours and will make you giggle !

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Lady Magnon made her Christmas Cake yesterday. It looks good and will be anointed with Armagnac for the next month. Frankly I'm pleased it's all done; it's one of those events in this house that causes a lot of angst (not from me).

  3. I might well try that stuffing. I am trying to find a veggie recipe which is a stuffing enriched with other things so that it will do for a main course on the big day for my son who will be the only vegetarian there. He eats all the vegetables but it is so hard to find anything to make his meal special.