Saturday 14 November 2015

Update and Snowman Tutorial

Hello All
 Welcome to Fast SOS on the follower bar. Love your blog!
Thursday's Remembrance Evening went well and was well attended. It's lovely to see some of our senior residents getting out for a good chinwag. If I had more time I would set up a regular social event just for folk to get together for a natter.
Thursday was the last of the Civic Society events (apart from one committee meeting in December) over with and I can settle down to the mountain of tasks that have grown over the last five weeks.
Yesterday I managed to dig  up a few more potato plants and a couple of buckets of jerusalem artichokes and pick one of spinach. There are only two apple trees left to harvest, both Jonagold, which are good keepers and we should be eating well into February.
The hens have stopped laying completely again so our meals will change for a little time while we are eggless. I had hoped to put some down in waterglass earlier in the year when the hens were laying well, but struggled to get waterglass.

This weekend I will start to clear the room next to the kitchen that I use as an office and snug (and also houses our parrot Percy - so is always kept warm) The carpet has decided to disintegrate at the door opening and has become a trip hazard. Before we can have a new carpet there I will need to empty the room .. aaargh! it is VERY cluttered ..and then decorate as it hasn't had a coat of paint in many years. If I don't get a move on I shall be painting the week before Christmas again.

I thought that those of you with young children might like to have a go at making the no-sew snowmen that I made with YGD a couple of weeks ago. Here is a link to the tutorial that I used. My youngest daughter did this link for me as I didn't know how to do it!
How to make a sock Snowman

All for now.
My thoughts are with those people in Paris. How awful it all is.


  1. Thank you for the link - I hope your YGD showed you how to do links for the future! Thank you also for the mention of your new follower and their blog. It looks a good one
    Have a good weekend

    1. Does look a good blog. Always good to see young people doing their best to live thoughtful life.
      I intend to try to learn how to do links, but YGD always goes too fast for me!

  2. Just to say that I reiterate your thoughts on Paris.

    1. Oh Weave. makes you want to pull up the drawbridge doesn't it?

  3. I have just planted a Jonagold, and you are the first person I've encountered who already has one. I'm very pleased to hear that they're good keepers; do they stay crisp? All my other apples tend to become a bit woolly after a month or so.

    1. They stay crisper than most. Eventually they go quite dry, but sweeter. I have a "beer fridge" in an outhouse and always put a few bags down in there, where they keep perfectly!

  4. Thank you for the mention and for another excellent blog post,
    we echo your thoughts on Paris, the world is becoming a terrible place.
    all the more reason to be a bit more self sufficient and self reliant so you can distance yourself a little from the cruel world outside

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