Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Some Derbyshire cheese

I'm feeling a little more positive about the veggie gardens this week. While there are still some heroic weeds out there I have begun to tame them and am planting with a vengeance! I'm having a go at sweet potatoes this year. The youngsters like them, though I'm not too keen really. They are okay in a chilli and curry but that's about all. Anybody else growing or have grown sweet potatoes? Were they worth the effort and cost (£2 a plant)?
I was in the garden showing GF round, (earlier he had been looking at my latest glass purchases - I told you it was a weakness!) and a fellow beekeeper called in to bring us a sample of her latest cheeses. Oh MY! are they good! She doesn't sell them until she has matured them a little. I do like a nice Brie and these are as close as you can get to a Brie. I love the hole in the middle, she lives on Stanage Edge up in wildest Derbyshire Peak District - hence Stanage Millstone. You can visit her site at www.cowclose.farm
In (a poor) swap I gave her a teasle plant and a syrup feeder for her bees.
We were fishing in Cornwall again last weekend, David brought home a goodly catch of Pollack and Ling and I found a cute stall in the Tavistock Pannier market where I bought 2 cut glass whisky glasses and four small liqueur-type glasses of different styles for my collection. GF tells me that one is Bohemian, one from the mid Victorian era and one from around 1820, he isn't sure about the other. Each glass cost me £1 and I am very pleased with them.
The bees still haven't swarmed, or if they have I have missed them going. We are hoping for a good honey year. Other beekeepers we know feel the same. I do hope my bloggy beekeeper friends are doing well too.
This year's broodies only seem to be able to hatch the odd egg before leaving all the others behind to go cold and expire. We have four hens with eight chicks between them so far - rubbish! Three others are sitting, let's see how well they do!
We are now on countdown to our annual Bash. It is in four weeks and we have another weekend in Cornwall planned before then. No pressure there then. As usual we will have over 20 tents, with approx 150 guests all told (not everyone camps) There will be races, 50 a side rounders, country dancing and a group at night for a boogie. Most of this is no effort as we have all we need in equipment and most people bring a plate of food. David has organised some barrels of local ale and cider and it remains to make the place safe and set up the recycling area.
 Enough of my ramblings.
back soon


  1. I'm a bit of a glass fanatic too, it's amazing what beautiful glasses one can find for very little.

    My son's street in N London play mass Rounders. On summer evenings they all get together in the park opposite and play until everyone's had a go! Great idea.

    1. How wonderful to hear of such a friendly community!
      The price of glass has always been low in second hand glass hasn't it? I see no point in buying new.

  2. I have never planted any potatoes but I love to eat them.
    We eat them with some butter salt and pepper. When you live in Japan there are street carts that roast them and give them to you in a paper bag. You eat them plain, trying not to burn your mouth and hands. Street Food at it's best. Daughter and I are crazy about them.
    Hope they work out for you.

    cheers, parsnip and thehamish

    1. Roasted is the favoured way for the young folk here. or as chips!
      I'm looking forward to trying to grow something new, though sweet potatoes aren't really suited to our climate.

  3. I am growing sweet spuds this year. Hope to do better than last. I have 5 slips in growing bags in the Poly House. I LOVE sweet potatoes with plain yoghurt and cinnamon sprinkled on them. Your yearly bash sounds a blast!

    1. I don't have room in the greenhouse, so I am starting them off in the cold frame. I shall serve the next ones as you suggest and see what the family thinks.
      Yes it is a good "Do"

  4. I love sweet potatoes and I grow my own slips, there is plenty of info on the internet. The slips last year were much healthier than the ones I've produced this year. Fingers crossed they produce lovely pots.

    1. Do you grow your own slips from sweet potatoes you have bought from the greengrocers?

  5. I am qiite tired

    I am quite tired just reading this.

    1. Dear Weave you have had a tiring time lately anyway. When we write down what we do it always sounds a lot, but then we don't do it all in one day!
      Look after yourself

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