Monday, 8 February 2016

Not Donald Trump surely?

Hello All
Been gone for weeks I know. Life has overtaken me. I will try to get it together and am currently trying to download pics for my next blog (part III of reasons to be cheerful... don't care anymore ? can't blame you!)
In the meantime.. has Donald Trump really been nominated for a Noble  Prize?!!! or is it an early April Fools joke?
Back soon
"Appalled of Derbyshire"


  1. Good grief - it must be a joke? That devalues anyone who previously won it. Looking forward to your post and news of growing season.

  2. \if work has caught up with you then it has to come first - but glad to see you back. As to Donald Trump - words fail me and in any case he is not worth words.

  3. It seems that any American Senator or Congressman has the right to put forward a name. One anonymous such politician sent such a letter- but his claim that DT deserved it for his 'vigorous peace-thru-strength' policy is clearly satirical. Unfortunately a lot of people picked up half the truth and it went viral on the web. Relax, my dear, it ain't gonna happen!!! Hope life is proving a little calmer for you now. Blessings x x x

  4. Don't be silly; he was nominated for an Oscar!

  5. I want to nominate him for the first one-way trip to Mars... or further.

  6. Life tends to catch up with us from time to time:) It'll just be good to read more when you have time. As to DT, the less said the better.