Friday 15 January 2016

More reasons to be Cheerful

Here I am again with part two of - Reasons to be Cheerful
 Where I live -  part two
Our little holding is divided into small areas. - the front garden, three vegetable plots, a fruit cum- socialising garden, the orchard and the paddock. We have two greenhouses and a good size barn and various workshops and animal and wood sheds.

Here is our back greenhouse (we have a smaller one in the front garden that I use for potting on, seeding etc) This greenhouse is made from four greenhouses that have been gifted to us over a few years. David placed each one a pane's distance from the one before and then filled in the gap with frames, thus adding an extra couple of feet  each time. This greenhouse is now quite long as you can see! We fill the beds each spring with our own compost mixed with molehills that we gather from the paddock.

We fill this greenhouse with tomatoes, with one section for cucumbers.
We grow organically and plant basil and french marigolds for pest control which has always worked well for us.
Here is our youngest granddaughter with the cucumbers that she grew from seed.

We have a small orchard. Here is a peek  from the paddock. Note the fence made from pallets, as are they all! Here we grow apples, plums and medlars. The chickens live here in the summer and range over the whole holding in the winter.
Outside the orchard we have many fruit trees around the holding, mainly apples, plums, nuts and damsons.
 We grow LOTS of damsons. Here is one of the five that are in in the front garden (more in the paddock) and the haul (with our camera-shy granddaughter again!)

After making copious amounts of jam, jelly and wine, we sell the surplus and put this money away to purchase lambs in the spring and some winter food for the hens.

 The vegetable gardens
I really am stuck to know which pics to use for this bit. I have chosen pics that aren't necessarily the prettiest, but do give some idea as to the shape etc. The first pic shows the path that divides two plots and leads to the entrance to the chicken run, which in turn leads into the orchard. The large greenhouse is to the fore of the garden on the right of the path.

This next picture is of the "paddock garden" which we have made within the paddock (yes really!!)
We dug this garden to ensure that we had three plots to rotate. This garden also has raspberries, gooseberries and goji berries and a vine( Leon Millet) that is just getting established. All the gardens have some sort of perennial plant in them, be it rhubarb, gooseberries, herbs, hops or some such.

I see that this is quite a large post and that I might be boring you so think I will close it here and cover animals in another post.
Before I close I must welcome Anne Christine Simpson and Catherine Hines on Bloglovin. A warm welcome to you both.
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  1. Not boring at all. What a beautiful place.
    I love your long greenhouse.

  2. One of my favourite things to do is look around gardens and yours is lovely. Not boring at all.

  3. Not at all boring. I am amazed how much you plant.
    Wonderful just wonderful.

    cheers, parsnip and thehamish

  4. Not boring at all... I would say lovely.

  5. It looks wonderfully productive (and a lot of work). I lived for a short while in Shropshire where Damsons grew like crazy; people there said they paid the rates. You make my efforts look very meagre, even so we do produce quite a lot. What do you do with the Medlars?

  6. Definitely not boring, you've a beautiful place, the stuff of dreams to us. Cute grand daughter! I love your home.

  7. Wow what a lovely outdoor growing space you have, the greenhouse is great, and a great idea joining them up, I love your nice established vegetable area, and the orchard space love it all :-)

  8. I love your smallholding. It looks so productive and is a credit to you all. Itching to get digging on my veg plot but it's still too wet.

  9. Definitely not boring - I would have liked more photos of your various growing areas! The extra long greenhouse is a fantastic idea!

  10. Not at all boring - I would have liked you to continue. I am just so enthralled by your enthusiasm.

  11. I've got garden envy. You are fortunate to have that wonderful space and clever enough to utilise it do well. Happy chickens living there.

  12. You live in a beautiful place :-) But then I'm a tad biased, I'm a Yorkshire lass born and brought up in Sheffield but now transplanted to Cornwall.

  13. Very interesting post, it is lovely to see how you have set everything out, it looks very productive. If I could create one plot that looks as good as yours I would be very happy

  14. You have a lovely garden.

    God bless.

  15. Wonderful looking and productive. Beautiful!

  16. Glad you enjoyed the programme last night on India. I can't wait for next week either! In answer to your question, no we haven't been watching Jericho. We live about fifteen miles from the Ribblehead viaduct and really, it wasn't filmed anywhere near there and although some of the facts in it had an element of truth - replorts say that it turns the building of the viaduct into the wild west - so we gave it a miss.