Saturday 19 December 2015

On Santa duties again

"So what have I been up to "? you ask. Or maybe you didn't but I will tell you anyway!

I have been getting Percy's room ready to receive a new carpet.Which has meant a full redecoration.
 . There is no point in putting in a new carpet (essential as the old one had shredded near the door and had become a trip hazard) without at least glossing the skirting boards and door frame, which makes the rest of the room look grimier than ever. So I have emulsioned the ceiling  and the walls and glossed the rest and on monday the carpet was fitted. Putting all the books back is going to be a nightmare.
I do all the decorating here. I always have done. As a girl I was my dad's "boy". he was disabled  and though he did most things, often on his hands and knees, there  were things he couldn't do, so I learnt how to do them, along with such skills as trimming the strip on the side of the wallpaper. Do any of you remember that?

Tuesday was our "Staff Lunch" This means that the diverse folk who meet here on Tuesdays to work on the smallholding or the derelict canal that runs through the village, will have a cracker to pull when they have their cheesy beans on toast at lunch. I have pushed the boat out and bought some mince pies too. Gosh I spoil folk don't I!? (no I didn't make them myself)
 Then I  baked and got ready for a meeting at ours on wednesday night before getting Adam's room ready for thursday. Adam is to stay with us from thursday morning until saturday night as an "Emergency placement". We have planned a few things for him to keep him relaxed and happy as things are not too good at home at the  moment.
David and I are Santa and his Elf  on the canal boat from 10.30 until 3.30 today, so ED and EGD are to take Adam to a Matlock Christmas market to keep him occupied while we are on Yuletide duties. Adam LOVES (both markets and the girls!) them so he will be a happy bunny. Once we have delivered him back home we are whizzing off to a party for a few hours. I reckon we should wear our costumes, but David thinks not. Spoilsport!
But mostly this week I have been battling MUD. Gosh it's the worst I've ever seen with no frost to make the walking and working easier. The hens are knee deep in the stuff. it is so mild here that the bees have been out which is not really what you want as they are using up stores and energy that they should be saving.
Must go now  Santa's reindeer are champing at the bit.
Back soon with Christmas plans


  1. I used to love playing with the strips from wallpaper. They made wonderful streamers. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. The weather is just so wrong. I have flies in the house and spring/summer flowers in bloom in the garden. Hoping for a good hard frost to kill the flies and put a halt to the flowering.

  3. Lovely to hear that you are keeping busy! - you put me to shame. Col would love to live in a village with a canal running through it, he would be a gongoozeler ( is that how you spell it?) watching people going through locks. Hope all your plans go well

    1. The canal is pretty non-existent at this point and there is much to do to put it back. For much of it we can only hope to secure the line where the canal once was until the money is raised to reinstate it.
      All going as well as possible, but unfortunately David is not too well again. Best laid plans eh?

  4. Gosh, you have been busy! Sue, Col would love it here then as we have a fully functional canal 100yds down the hill! Gill, I bet you both look wonderful in your costumes :-)