Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Traffic Warden

Hi All
I rarely go into town either early or at the weekends. I remember when I was working, feeling well p****d off with the Wrinklies buying their half pound of butter and two slices of ham on a Saturday at the supermarket or early in the morning when I was on my way to work and buying some milk for the office. I would stand behind them in the queue thinking "Why didn't they go in the week when workers were at work?" They had all week to do their shopping and here they were fumbling in their purses for the right change or forgetting their pin number and saying !I'm a silly old fool aren't I?".while the queue of folk on their way to work stretched ever longer. Well now  I AM THAT WRINKLY. I do try to give the right change though I do forget my pin number occasionally, what I try not to do is be that shopper either at the weekend or early in the morning.
There is a reason for this preamble (bear with me)
Last week I went into town at half past nine on a Saturday. I needed sugar from Farmfoods (39p a kilo!) for some jam making,and to take some money to the bank with some urgency for my granddaughter. I'll just pop in I thought. Outside a short row of shops is free short-term parking, where I often park as it is close to the bank and I was lucky enough to find a spot there. As a traffic Warden was leaning against a shop window I made a mental note of the time so as not to over run the parking time. I always think that Traffic Wardens get a bad press and a hard time from the public, so I gave him a little nod as I sped off. Banking done, sugar bought I returned to my car to find a parking ticket on the windscreen . The Traffic Warden was now leaning on another shop window a few yards away. I looked at him and said "WHAT!?" He pointed to a sign high up on a post and said "There's no parking allowed between 7.00 and 10.00 I'm afraid" I was extremely angry and didn't trust myself to speak to him again. I tore the ticket off the windscreen and threw it with my bag in the car and drove away.
NOW I know that ignorance is no excuse so I have paid my fine. HOWEVER, I really feel that the Traffic Warden could have informed me that there was no parking at that time. He watched me park and get out of my car and walk away, I even nodded to him. A couple of words or a meaningful look up at the sign would have sufficed surely. I can't believe that traffic wardens are there purely to give out tickets and not advice.
What do you think?


  1. I am quite sure that part of the job requirements is a total ban on common sense and no human kindness. It is not a job choice that many would make, I would rather peel onions for pickling.

  2. I think that most traffic wardens are hatched not born, they are part of the them and us, us being humans with feelings.

  3. Aren't they on commission? Or maybe their Christmas bonus based on how much they've brought in!

  4. We don't have traffic wardens anymore. Since this function is now outsourced we have parking enforcement officers whose emphasis is entirely different. Yes they are on a commission. It's no longer a public service but a profit making enterprise for companies that are now contracted to do it.

  5. Did all the other cars have tickets too, I would have said something and appealed against it he could have told you perhaps there will be a hole in his christmas stocking :-)

  6. I agree with you Gill. I don't think Dawn's idea would work because I understand that once the ticket is made out and therefore registered it can't be taken back. Up here in our little town we used to have a dragon but now we have a really kind one who explains things. That's what you need.

  7. They have recently changes two parking bays in our town to loading bays so you can be fined for parking there.. They should be painted in gold the amount of revenue they have earnt.

  8. Ooops, hope the fine wasn't too hard on the purse.
    Feeling lucky - both our small local towns are free car parking in Co-op car park or Tesco car park but we don't have any banks open on Saturdays either

  9. I once asked a traffic warden if it was ok to park. He said fine and I got my car towed away. I am not a big fan but I suppose they are paid by how many tickets they dish out, rather than trying to control parking or make the roads run smoothly.

  10. I so agree with you, he allowed you to leave your car, so he trapped you. I got caught at a local out of town, stayed 20 mins too long, they had signs but I had never looked for them. I complained and the ticket was cancelled.

  11. I had an experience of parking along the street where fortunately there wasn't a meter. When I got out of the car, a policeman walked up an informed me that I was in a loading zone and had to move. So, I rolled up to the next place which was metered and the officer paid for my space! Wish you had the same nice experience.

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