Friday 4 September 2015

Fishing holidayand fruit picking.

Hello All
Hello to Karen O'Brien and Kellie Steele on Blog Lovin. Lovely to see you here.
Tomorrow David and I are off to Cornwall for a WEEKS (!) fishing. Today I am getting lists ready for the housesitters. It looks a lot written down! Also attacking the huge pile of ironing left after the bed changes - friends and granddaughters have been staying here this week and have now left to be replaced by the house sitters.
 Fruit has been picked that really won't last a week - two buckets of Victoria plums, a bucket of tomatoes, two buckets of beans, two buckets of blackberries and three buckets of Cooking apples. Some have been processed into the freezer or jam, some in cold store, some put outside in bags for any passing trade and the rest given away or taken with us as we will be cooking for ourselves when we are there ( apart from compulsory fish and chips in Looe and a planned meal out with fishing friends)
I am going shopping  this afternoon for food for here and "iron rations" (whisky and good crisps) to take with us.
I am hoping to be able to regale you (brag) with my charity shop finds. I am am looking for winter working trousers, shirts and jumpers and pudding basins..
Those who know me, know that I am trying to big-up this holiday as I don't really like going away and can just about manage a weekend, whereas the thought of a whole week stresses me out. And if one more person says that I could do with the rest I shall scream!
 I am taking my laptop with me so will be able to keep up with all the blogs and also get the Civic Society Newsletter done. I might well manage a post too.

 The news is full of the those poor souls dying in the Mediterranean. I must say I'm surprised that people had to see a picture of a drowned child before they realised how desperate some people are. What I keep thinking about is those men who are at the beginning of their journey. The men who tell people that houses and jobs await them in Europe, that take thousands of pounds from them to secure a place in an unsafe boat and then abandon them to their fate. These men are the new drug barons, dealing in human misery and caring not one jot for anything other than getting rich. That's where my hate is directed.

 Off to take my daughter's dog for a run in our paddock.. This means sitting on a bench in the field with a cup of tea while throwing a ball with one of those throwy things, while looking at the beautiful Derbyshire scenery. It's tough I know!

Take care all


  1. I go away a lot with work and I do go on holiday to foreign climes. I do however always love coming home. I don't worry about packing any more because I'm used to it. You can by anything anywhere these days. Have a lovely holiday and try not to stress.

    1. I stress mostly about crops going to waste or spoiling. I also don't like putting on people and looking after this place is not exactly like asking someone to water a pot plant!
      Tanks for the best wishes

  2. I know what you mean about going away, I went to my daughters for two days last month and couldnt wait to get home again, after years of traveling I love home best and I am now a home bird I couldnt do like some away every few weeks for week end trips I much prefer a day out and come back to my own bed :-)

    1. I was saying to a friend yesterday that I love days out. It's going away I'm not so fond of.

  3. Been fishin' here too; I caught two 3 inch Carp. I've also been fruit picking; loads. Have a good holiday!

    1. If the carp were bigger would you eat them?
      Good fruit year isn't it?

  4. I do so agree about the immigrant crisis.

    Nature's bounty is plentiful at present isn't it. My 'garden' freezer is full to bursting. There is not room for another thing so I have to find room for runner beans in the other freezer which I keep for bread and bought-in emergency stuff and meat and fish.

    Do enjoy your holiday - and your fish and chips.

    1. Thanks. I was half expecting some troll activity by mentioning the Migrant/Refugee situation.
      Yes, it's a wonderful year for the gardens.
      We don't have fish and chips from a chippy very often (plenty homemade ones) so they are a real treat.

  5. I hope you're having a wonderful time. We discovered Cornwall in 2009 and have holidayed there five times now, always on the north coast, though we have visited the south, it's such a beautiful county, but I know what you mean about missing home, I'm usually the same when I go away. The news over the past week has been terrible, I really don't know what the solution is but I do know that these aren't people just wanting to come to another country for a handout, they're desperate, as you say. I think you must have a heart of stone if you don't feel for them. We enjoyed out recent day out in your neck of the woods and hope we'll be able to manage some more days out in Derbyshire soon.

  6. We are llucky enough to have a friend living in Cornwall. We stay with her each time we come down here. While David fishes I sprockle around charity shops and gossip with my friend. We also travel around a lot. I always think that Cornwall is like Derbyshire but with the sea.
    Don't forget to let me know when you are next in Derbyshire and if you have time we can meet up.

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