Saturday 10 January 2015

More Presents for Dogs

Hello Dog-loving Frugellers.

The wind has been powerful overnight, with some fierce gusts this morning too. The first thing I did this morning was to check the bee hives in case any had been blown over. Fortunately they are all still standing. Yesterday morning there was a burst of sunshine and from all but one hive (No. 14) bees came out for a  spoiling flight. No 14 is a very weak hive and there is every chance it won't make it through the winter. Fingers crossed for the rest.

In my last post I said that I would tell you about another Dog present I have made. A good friend provides "Doggie Day Care"(DCC) for her daughter's dog, a Springer, who needs lots of exercise. She takes him into the wood, a few hundred yards from her home, where he gets a good run  and pretty grubby and needs quite a bit of rubbing down when he gets back. Here is a special towel I made for her to help with this.
Muddy Paw Towel
I used a new hand towel, but shall be making some for my DDC days from our towel stash.
Here's what I did... I cut the hand towel in half lengthwise. At one end of each piece I sewed, with the zig-zag stitch on my new sewing machine (show off!) five pieces of contrasting material to represent a dog paw. I then joined the two pieces together at the opposite end to the  paws. I then turned the paw ends over by 10 inches (paws inside) and sewed the ends up to make a pocket at each end. All that remained then was to hem the  cut edges and sew some tape to hang the towel up.
 Here it is .. A muddy Paw Towel

EGD made these dog treats for Christmas presents.. (No picture I'm afraid)
Veggie Dog Treats
Pre-heat oven to 180o and line a baking tray with greaseproof paper.
Pulse or finely mince 3 large carrots with 150gs oats.
Add 1 tbs coconut oil ( we had this, but any other oil will do I am sure)
Add 1 tbs peanut butter
Add 2 eggs
Blend again and chill the mixture for 30 mins
Place teaspoons of the mixture on the trays and press down with the back of a spoon to flatten a little.
Bake for 20 minutes and then cool on a wire rack.
The instructions tell us that these treats will keep for up to a week, which is highly unlikely with the recipients being Labradors!!

 I hope you could follow the  instructions for the Dog kerchiefs in my last post.; If I wasn't clear, just tell me and I will post the method.
 That's it for now
Keep safe


  1. Strong wind is the only weather phenomenon that I fear; I hope your bees are OK. I took my Lab for his annual jab recently. The vet also gave him a giant worm pill; he just tossed it in the air...... down in a nano-second!

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  3. Love the doggy towel and I think the boys and I are going to give those treats a whirl. With seven dogs they won't last long in this house either!

    1. it occured to me that I could use up the parsnip mountain on those treats. Will give them a try as we have lots of dog visitors here.

  4. I like that muddy paw towel. I could have done with it this morning when Tess came upstairs to see why I wasn't up and jumped straight on the bed after coming in from outside!

    1. We get that from the cat, who loves to walk across the pillows several times before she settles down to wash her paws.

  5. Oops - my previous comment was full of typo's - dang smartphone lol

    Herewith corrected comment :)

    Love to see a pic of your dogs wearing the doggie paw towel - pocket over the feet and the rest of the towel over their back holding the pockets in place?. They do wear them, don't they...? Or are those pockets for you to slip your hands into whilst you dry off the muddy paws?

    1. I shall take a photo of the dog wearing the towel to see how it looks!
      The design is pinched from oven gloves, same principle!

  6. The paw towel is brilliant! And marketable (as Dan would say). I need one of those for my cats.