Wednesday 4 June 2014

Memories Afternoon

Happy Tuesday fellow frugellers.
It was a lovely day yesterday here in Derbyshire. Which is not what we were expecting after the weather forecast. YGD stopped overnight on Sunday night and has done quite a bit to the piece of garden we have allocated to her. She has planted the plants she started  a few weeks ago. So far she has planted tomatoes, sunflowers, chillis, onions,  french beans and basil.
She also helped me start some baking for a meeting that our Civic Society is hosting on Wednesday.
We made carrot cakes and mincemeat cake  and gingerbread men (for her of course!) Today I am making , date and walnut cake. and lemon drizzle cake. Some one else is making a couple of Victoria sandwiches.
As you may have gathered that was yesterday ! I still don't seem to have time to do this blog justice at the moment and now I am racing towards our "function" this afternoon. In brief, each November , as part of the Derwent Valley World Heritage Site Discovery Days we stage an exhibition and take walks around our area, highlighting the rich industrial heritage. Each year we attempt to ring the changes at the exhibition to keep people interested and spotlight something new. A few weeks ago one of our members suggested that we highlight the local wireworks that closed in 1996. We have been gathering oral histories for some time now and thought that we would do something similar with the wireworks. As many of the ex-workers are now elderly we thought that a get-together might be a pleasant way for them to share their memories while providing a rare social opportunity (not much happens around here!) This afternoon between 1.30 and 4.30 we have the village hall and have put posters out and sent messages to people who either worked at the wireworks or had a relative who worked there, to come along for tea and cake and a chat.
We will see what happens. There might be three people turn up or thirteen, but we need to be ready for whatever happens (it is chucking it down which doesn't bode well). So cameras, dictaphones, papers and pens, display boards etc are ready for me to take round. And of course  - tea and cake !
I'll let you know how it goes.

We are off to Cornwall fishing again this weekend. We will drive down on Friday (my birthday) and come back on Sunday, just a quick trip. I suppose the family will call round on Sunday as usual and that will be another weekend gone. Time really is flying. it gets like that as you get older!

Bye for now, sorry about the rubbish totally non-frugal/self sufficient post I will try harder next time!


  1. You busy bee!
    I still haven't been in touch about what I was going to talk to you about, lost the e-mail address!
    Basically, the post of yours I read, you mentioned a Aunt and Uncle, Doris and Morris.
    Well, my Father had a Sister Doris, and a brother Horace who live in Belper and owned a garage right in the centre of the town. My Dad used to visit occasionally and on the only visit my Mum undertook on her own, she went into labour there and I was born at the Babbington Hospital Maternity unit at 6am one wet and wintry November day in 1954.
    Every Christmas for many years, we used to get a card from, Horace, Doris and Maurice, which used to make us kids chuckle!
    So, I wondered, are these (2 of them) the people you mentioned? Dad was born ( I believe) in Breedon - the- Hill in Leicestershire but, shortly after his Mother died, his Father re-married (I think) and Dad was brought up by Foster parents in Long Eaton, Derbyshire (now postcoded in Nottinghamshire).
    That's it really, probably no relation whatever lol!

    Hope you get a good selection of folk and a good turnout this afternoon, if you need any help to eat the cakes........
    Have a good trip to Cornwall, get lots of fish!
    Sandie x

    1. Not my Horace and Doris unfortunately or we would be related and long lost cousins wouldn't we?! I thought Horace and Doris was funny, but Maurice too is brilliant! As you probably know Belper is only 5 miles from us and I used to attend many meeting there when I was working. My goddaughter was born in the maternity home part of it. Many really old people don't like to use Babington as it was the workhouse once and they have memories of sad times for their parents etc. it is however, as you probably know, a lovely little hospital.
      Great turnout yesterday. A few cakes left, there would have been plenty for you!

  2. Time keeps flying here too. what I want to know is why were 1 and a half hour Biology lessons ( double Bodge) soooooooo long , yet now 1 and a half hours can disappear in a blink.

    1. It was double maths for me when time stood still. I know where many of my odd hours disappear...Blogland!

  3. Happy birthday for tomorrow, I hope you have a lovely weekend in Cornwall. I'm counting down the days until it's time for us to go, I can't wait. Hope your function went well yesterday. I think this is a great idea, no one can tell it like it was other than those who worked there and all this history will one day be lost if it isn't recorded.