Tuesday 10 September 2013

Hello from Cornwall

Hello from deepest Cornwall !!
 I'm sitting in my friends' conservatory, getting my strength up to go to Trago Mills with D.
He isn't fishing today, so I am taking the opportunity to drag him out shopping for things he really needs. His watch has broken "What time is it Gilly ?" and he needs a new winter heavyweight waterproof. There are bits and bobs needed as we get ready for winter - boiled linseed oil, part for the paraffin lamp... you get the idea!
  I have now completed all the mending I bought with me and am way ahead with the winter preparation lists! I moan about being away from home, but it has been nice to have some "thinking" time.
D. has now done two days fishing..What a haul! There is now no space in J's freezer so we have been driving over to her son's house to fill his freezer up ! if D. gets anymore J. will quickly run out of relatives ! I estimate that nearly 25lb of pollack and 10lb ling is now frozen. I also passed some over to J's elderly neighbours.
   J. and I "did" the charity shops on monday and very well I did too! I bought a lovely nearly new double sheet to back quilts for £1. two teeshirts, a lovely warm fleece and a shirt for myself for £8 and a good quality working shirt for GDS for £2. I also bought some smallish (enough for 2 people) ovenproof dishes for bulk cooking meals for £1 each.
  Did anyone see "Blackout" on the TV last night? it was a docu-drama about the national grid going down and how people (didn't) cope. The arty farty camera angles... "Yes we know that taking with a mobile phone would look like this, but you are making me giddy!".. got on my nerves and it was very disjointed at times , but the message was clear and may make people think.
   J. and I went to the "Disability" shop for something to put on the handle of her potato peeler as her arthritis makes it difficult to grip. They showed us a wide handled potato peeler for £10 something and some foam tubing to put on handles for £28 or some old stock at £18 !!!!!. so we went to B&Q and bought some foam pipe insulation for 79 pence and  then to the Pound shop for a wide handled potato peeler.
(Also bought 18 large bananas for £1 from the orange sticker isle at the co-op -  need to google banana cake recipes now.)
All for now.. back soon
Gill @ Frugal in (temporarily) Cornwall xx


  1. I watched 5 mins of the blackout thing and decided it was a load of rubbish + Him Outside hates things like that and would have moaned all through. Is it worth me watching on computer catch up thingy?

    1. mmmm. not too sure about recommending it. The message was useful but the style of delivery was pretty irritating! D. moaned all the way through it too!!

  2. Sounds like you are having a great trip! Awesome finds at the thrift shop and smart move on fixing the peeler yourselves!

    1. We have just been organising J's scrap in her garage and found a length of the foam pipe cover. So it could have been even cheaper i.e free! Ha ha