Wednesday 4 September 2013

Just a Quickie

Hello All
Just a quickie (where have I heard that before?!)
Had a good sales day today. I was beginning to wonder if things were going to pick up and I am pleased to say they have.
I've been a little bothered as we go away to Cornwall again this weekend.... YES AGAIN !! In truth I'm getting a tad tired of these fishing trips and this one is for a whole week! My frustration is that everything is coming on in the garden and some of our biggest crops are likely to be ready just before and when we are away. I have started picking the Victoria Plums ( the pink ones, Frugal in Suffolk!) which are very popular, with a short season and a race against the wasps too. The round damsons (purple!) are also now ready. I tried the corn on the cob this afternoon and that too is ready for picking. Eeeek !
 I always find lots to do while in Cornwall and will be with my oldest friend most of the time. I was going to contact Foster mummy and Frugal Queen to see if they fancied meeting up for a cuppa, but realised that they will be at work. I then realised that I must actually now be used to retirement ( after 4) years, as  my daughter had to remind me that other people have to go to work!
 Have now made 2 batches of plum jam and 2 batches of Glutney Chutney. I hoped to make some Blackberry and apple jelly tomorrow, but sold the blackberries I had picked ! Plenty more coming on still, so no probs.
 Home made Pizza tonight with some yellow label brie and mozarella and roast veg from the garden. Victoria Plums straight from the tree for pud.
 Off to clean out Percy now. He has been pigging out on beans and peas,and fennel stalks and it doesn't half make his poo smell!!
Good Night Dear Frugellers.


  1. I keep squeezing the plums- gently of course - but they are STILL not ready.

    1. Mine aren't all ready. I am picking half a bucket a day at the moment and throwing quite a few on the ground too for the chickens, as they are too badly damaged even to cut out for jam.