Friday 6 September 2013

Blog Lovin, Rabbit meat loaf and plum stones

Can anybody explain what Blog lovin is ? I keep seeing it and have no idea what it is !

Getting ready to go fishing tomorrow. As we are going for the week and staying at our friend's I am taking as much food with us as is practicable. Have dug up some Sarpo Miras and Pink Fir Apple potatoes and picked beans, tomatoes, plums and peppers. I shall take some eggs, jam and chutney. I've made a lamb curry and some cheese sauce for a pasta meal.
I've also made a Rabbit and belly pork meat loaf, which is very tasty and easy to make. -
 You will need -
Meat from one rabbit
2 slices of belly pork
Two slices of streaky bacon (Lidl bacon bits)
Three cloves garlic
Mince these four ingredients and mix together with  -
salt and black pepper to taste
teaspoon each of chopped parsley,sage and thyme
half a teaspoon of mace
One egg
Quarter pint of (preferably) white  wine
( If you have a slug of brandy too so much the better)
Pile the mixture into an ovenproof dish, place in a roasting pan of water and bake for one and a half hours at 160/325 or gas mark 3.
Can be eaten hot or cold, but I prefer it cold with chutney on home made bread. 
I know that some people are upset at the thought of eating rabbit meat. It is a sustainable, low fat, high protein meat and I believe, may well be a food resource of the future for those who eat meat.

  EGD has spent the day here, making preserves for Christmas presents. She had a day off work and it was lovely to work together discussing what we could make next and how it could be wrapped.creatively. While she was stirring away I was sorting the buckets of plums that covered half of the kitchen floor. Some went into another batch of jam, some went into the freezer towards the wines I shall be making when I get back from Cornwall. The rest were too soft and bruised so they went to the hens, who LOVE them! When Annie our goat was still with us she use to love plums. She would move them around her mouth, with her cheeks bulging and then spit out the stones across the goat house ! I think we fed her more than we should have, just to see her spit out the stones!
 Off to finish packing now. I have remembered to pack my spare mouse, so that I can use J's (my friend) laptop. It takes me forever to use it without a mouse and I am hoping to do a spot of blogging while we are away. So blogging friends, will keep in touch.
Take Care


  1. I am planning to set up a rabbitry next year to breed our own rabbits for meat. I love rabbit, especially slow cooked in red wine and garlic. I have made a note of your recipe and will give it a try.

    1. I am hoping to share more rabbit recipes as they are quite hard to find.
      Good luck with your rabbitry

  2. I bet your friend looks forward to your trips with all that lovely food going with you. Thank you for the Rabbit recipe, I shall pass that on to my DIL she makes casseroles and bunny burgers so meat loaf will be something different.

    Well done to your EGD for being so creative in the kitchen as well as being frugal and making the most of whats available.

    Enjoy your week away and have a rest, its sounds like you are going to be so busy preserving when you return home.

    LOL at the goat!!!

    1. Shall be posting some more recipes over the winter as we have used rabbit for the last 40years and finding recipes can be quite challenging.
      Good to see younger people being interested in frugality isn't it?
      Annie was QUITE a character, we still miss her.

  3. Bloglovin is simply a way of delivering all your favourite blogs in one daily email.
    I used to love rabbit before I became a veggie, but wild rabbit has ten times the flavour of farmed rabbit.
    Enjoy your fishing trip, hope you get some good weather.

  4. Writing from Cornwall, there has been a little rain over night, but it is lovely today.
    D. bought home a few kilos of fish last night. My friend is going to run out of room in her freezer soon!