Tuesday 28 May 2013

Visitors, Grandchildren and Prickly Pete

Hello Frugellers !
It's been nearly a week since I blogged and I hope some of you missed me !
We've been extremely busy here, both workwise and socially.
Socially, we have had lots of visitors throughout the week and have remind ourselves how important people are and that we shouldn't resent them because we are busy. Visitors make us stop and rest, they make us sit back and appreciate what we have, they ask questions that make us think of why we do things and indeed IF we should do things. In fact Visitors are ESSENTIAL. One set of visitors that was particularly welcome was young friends over from Australia. The son of dear friends of ours, he emigrated to Australia and is now married with three delightful children. They live in Melbourne and see little of the country, so it was nice to introduce them to chicks and baby rabbits and lambs.The weather was glorious then. I suspect they will be finding it cold now as we have had continuous rain and wind for the past 24hours. ( Glad the paddock is finished)
On Saturday night myself, my youngest daughter and my two granddaughters went to a (family) hen party at a friend's house. She will be having a boozy, around town hen party with her contemporaries at a later date! This is not to say that this party was alcohol free! Oh no ! EGD was on the big white phone to God later! YGD, age 7, said afterwards that she liked a girls-only party because you didn't have to wonder what the boys were thinking !
On Sunday, after a quick Lidling, we visited a canal festival at a nearby town, where the boat that our canal society has bought was having its first showing. As Adam was with us for the weekend, he came too and thoroughly enjoyed the experience and being a friendly sort enjoyed the attention he received from members of the society.
After taking Adam home on Sunday night we joined friends a few miles away for the evening.
Yesterday, Monday was GRANDCHILDREN DAY.
 In the morning we went to watch YGD in her first one day Event. She and her pony did well, coming 6th in the dressage and with clear rounds in her other two events.
In the afternoon I went with YD to help EGD clear the jungle that is the garden of her (soon to be) new home.
In the evening, again with YD ,we went to the pub that GS is working in as a barman. There had been a beer festival and he wanted us the see where he was working and his Grandad to taste some of the beers. The pub, which is in a pretty remote village is very old and has not been "improved" in any way. great place, how pubs used to be.

We are just back from the pub again (it's 11.45) and we saw PRICKLY PETE in the headlights !! We are so pleased as we haven't seen him since we let him go a few weeks back.
I was going to write something about he garden and the frugal challenge that is my fridge at the moment, but I'm K*******d so I'm off to bed and will post again tomorrow.

Love to Foggy and see you soon

Sleep tight All


  1. Boy, do you guys have some energy or what........! How do you know it was PP and not a close relative ?
    Like what you said about visitors....very wise !

    1. We are pretty sure it was PP as he was scuttling into his favourite hole and it did look like him! It could, of course, have been his partner. I like to think he has found one and isn't living a solitary existence. We reckon we should have marked him in some way so that we could be sure.
      Hope you have been keeping well Lizzie. Haven't seen you around blogland too much lately.

  2. We are just back from the pub again

    Rock and roll! :-D

    1. And why not ?! Someone has to keep out great British institution going haven't they? Use them or loose them.

  3. I have nt been reading the blogs much as, like you, I am in the garden from first light until I creep to bed at around 9 p.m. This time of year if you dont get to grips with it it runs away fast.
    Still love your blog, just dont know where you get the energy though.
    We are having severe weather here in the mid-west so am coddling all my plants and my hanging baskets. Am trying fushias this year as they attract hummingbirds.
    Wish I could keep hens and I wish we had a small-holding association here. I miss Good Old England sometimes................