Thursday 23 May 2013

School Concert and other things

Went to YGD's school concert last night. She was a jungle animal in a musical play about man destroying the rain forest. There were rapping birds and acrobatic wild cats,many fantastical head dresses, colourful costumes and the singing and dancing was lovely. It is interesting that though the message was serious the children were joyful. YGD said " You'll like it grandma because you like trees". She has it in a nutshell!!!
( and incidentally, she looked lovely as a wild cat!)
The last planting of cabbage-like veg are in the ground now Hurrah! Last in was next year's Spring cabbage, a winter Savoy and Romanesco Cauli. This is the lime green cauli with pointy florets. The best thing about this, is that if it "blows" as caulis frequently do, the florets grow out in a sort of spur, looking a little like asparagus or purple sprouting and are still a usable vegetable. So the rabbits and chickens rarely get to see them - all for us!
 Had to dispatch the last two of last years cockerels today, I thought I had wheedled them all out and suddenly a couple of "hens" started cock-a-doodling! I was hoping to find a home for them, but only have a home for "Pigeon" a grey cock who looked like a pigeon when young (you guessed!) The yard has been a bit of a battlefield, but now they are gone all is peaceful again, with the mummy hens feeling a lot calmer with their babies in tow and just Hugh and Russel Foghorn. So into a slow cooker, with chicken stock, a couple of onions, carrots and red peppers, a tin of tomatoes and curry spices. When we are busy this weekend it will serve, with some rice, as a quick meal.
  Fishcakes for tea tonight. GDS had his in a sandwich.. and why not!?
Tomorrow I hope to find time to have a bit of a bake as we have a busy weekend ( Iv'e already said that haven't I?!)
I have done no sewing now for a couple of weeks. I'm almost hoping for prolonged rain so that I can settle down for some! I don't mean like the hail - downpour- sunshine sort of day we have been having. I mean when there is absolutely NO chance of getting anything done outside. Apart from the (several) projects I have started I also want to make a few things for EGD. She says she wants a peg bag and I have some nice strong material in a colour she likes, so I shall make her a pegbag, a few tote bags to keep in the car for shopping and a bag for putting used carrier bags in. Any other ideas frugellers?
That being said, I'm not wishing  bad weather on everyone this bank holiday weekend honest !!
Take care all

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