Wednesday 15 May 2013


Hello Frugellers
What have you done to the weather?! Here spring had sprung and small creatures were gambolling in the field or scratching in the garden under the watchful eye of their mother. Then what happens? Ever watched Peter Kay and his skit about the dinner ladies ?  "EVERYBODY IN.. IT'S SPITTING!!" Mother hens are screeching to their tiny, fluffy offspring, racing for cover, while trying to keep their brood together. Chaos!

 Here's a picture of our cat Dixie enjoying the sun (before it rained obviously) surrounded (not all in picture) by mother hens and chicks. This cat incidently is a KILLER. She brings in rabbits, moorhens, moles etc you name it, she catches and eats it. However she knows that the chicks mustn't be touched. The one and only time she chased some chicks she had a gardening glove thrown at her and a furious shout and she got the message. Sorry about the shadow, I'm no David Bailey.

I've been planting like mad over the last couple of days, knowing the rain was on its' way and appreciating that nothing waters plants in better than rain, I have tried to steal a march on it. So, everything that isn't frost-sensitive is now in the garden. I shall plant the beans, corn, squashes etc after the first of June.

Went to buy a walking foot on Monday for my quilting...HOW MUCH !? Came away shaking my head and muttering to myself that surely I could get it cheaper elsewhere. The guy in the shop was extremely helpful, giving me good advice and I said I would think about it. I went home and looked it up on the net, where I could get it quite a bit cheaper. However, I reckon I ought to go back and support a man who knows what he is talking about and is probably struggling to keep his brilliant shop open. SO I'm going back there next week to buy my walking foot, after I've sold my body and taken a few bottles back (that shows my age) !!
That's all for now, back Soon

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  1. That was one of my favourite sketches, the image of the dinner ladies shrieking "Get inside, Save yourselves!" I'm smiling at the memory.
    If it's any consolation Gill, I spent £40 on my walking foot and every time I use it, I think it was worth every penny. I made some pot holders recently and I'd never have sewn through the heat proof wadding so neatly, without it, not quilted and bound my last quilt.
    And yes you'r not the only one who used to take Corona bottles back LOL shame they don't still do it, might help reduce the littering problem in our countryside.