Wednesday 6 April 2022

Reducing fuel costs

 Hello All

As I said in my last post I'm going to try to add frugal tips and hints with each  post from now on and post more frequently.

I don't intend these posts to be primarily about frugality ( if you are a follower you already know I'm all over the place when posting anyway) and I will try not to be too preachy, nor make claim that this is all world-shatteringly new stuff, because it isn't.

I am going to start with reducing cooking fuel costs. 

Starting with equipment. No.1

I find a stack of steamer saucepans invaluable. you can cook three different vegetables on one hob. This is also a great  idea for a moving house or wedding present for a couple. being something they may not have thought of and also reasonably priced. ( I saw a set at The Range before Christmas for less than £15.00

A plus in using this method is that while your carrots/ potatoes etc are bubbling away in the bottom saucepan your greens, beans etc can be lightly steamed above a short while before eating, this retains the nutrients. I suppose most of you like me, then use the water from the bottom pan towards gravy or stock. Waste not want not eh?!

So now  I have taught my grandmother to suck eggs I know, but maybe not a granddaughter. Watch this space for another min-numbingly boring tip in my next post. I suppose saving energy ( and the planet) is not very exciting but is becoming increasingly essential.

Changing tack completely and lightening the post here

The damson blossom is spectacular and if it would stay sunny/ warm enough for the bees to leave the the hives we should get a bumper crop. So far they are not out flying for long before they are rained or snowed on. Time will tell and fingers crossed

And lastly, here is my cucurbit  propagator, which can be heated but I don't. With Luffas to the left and Cucumbers to the right and Courgettes in the middle. ( I bet you have been inspired to sing an early 70's song there!) This year I am also growing  Tromboncino for the first time. Has anyone grown this ?

So there we are,  same old ramblings
Back Soon 
Gill x
PS. Thanks  Lizzie I tried that bread recipe and it was the best ever! 



  1. You are nicely ahead with cucs and courgettes - better get mine started!

    1. Mine are staggered. Though I grow the cucs in a warm greenhouse so can have an early start with those

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  2. The damson blossom is so beautiful! Love this time of year with all the new growth and seed planting.
    I have grown Tromboncino. I love it because it produces loads-some are huge ( you must know the shapes- plenty of amusement!) I got it climbing up a frame,then later on in the season I let it ramble on the ground. It tastes very much like a courgette. I haven't had a bitter one...yet!

    1. Was the tromboncino edible when ripened as a squash or did you just eat them soft like a courgette ?

    2. They were like a courgette, so wouldn't last like a squash. I would use any courgette recipe, I liked lightly frying or steaming them.

  3. You are casting your pearls before swine here, I think. Most bloggers are pretty minted and don't need any handy hints to save a few quid. I can tell you how to prolong the life of vaping coils if that's any use to you.

    1. Hee hee. I don't think many of the people who read my posts are minted. The clue is in the name. I have quite a few followers who are single retirees and/ or disabled.
      My grandson would be interested as he sometimes vapes and he is on minimum wage !

  4. I bought an Instant Pot three years ago and love makes soup in 15 minutes and cooks soaked chickpeas to perfection in about 8 minutes. I think it saves time and money and I prefer it to slow cookers. People are very resistant to the IP I have noticed and it is true that it is another appliance but it really has pride of place in my kitchen. Cooks porridge wonderfully in 6 mins.....

  5. That was me rabbiting on about my Instant Pot, Gill. It should not have been anonymous......I must concentrate more on this tech stuff....