Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Paying for medical help? and a poorly dog

Hello Bloggy Friends
In my last post I talked about feeling vulnerable as many of my friends struggle with different issues as they grow older and I become aware that maybe I'm next. The support my friends  have had from our wonderful NHS has made their difficulties more tolerable
This post was on facebook after the latest shootings in the US. I thought it seemed a bit extreme and wondered how accurate it was or whether the author was perhaps a little jaded. So I am asking my bloggy friends in the States what they think of this.
In case you are not aware of how it works here in the UK. If you had been injured in the Manchester bombing you would not have had to find a penny either for the initial intervention nor for any follow up surgery, advice or rehab, all of which could go on for months and years.The NHS is funded by those who work through National Insurance contributions and Government monies ,and with no contributions at all from those that don't work or are disabled or elderly, with no upper limit on the amount of treatment received by anyone. (yes I know that this is simplistic view, but pretty accurate)
Since starting this post I have just read Leigh's ("Five Acres and a Dream") post which rather seems to demonstrate the above posts' point. Leigh is having to crowd fund further medical assistance for her husbands' injured fingers.
So guys, what do you think? What is your experience? What about people with long term mental health problems ?
I guess my thoughts on gun law should wait for another day!

On an entirely different subject we are all fingers crossed here for our dear Coda. Coda is the yellow lab you can see on my header, he belongs to my eldest granddaughter and comes here daily for doggy daycare. He is an absolute sweetheart with a generous and loving nature but, like many labs has had problems with his joints since he was a pup. He has arthritis in his fore legs and has had a fatty lump growing in a rear joint for some time. This was removed a few years ago as it was growing round his ligaments. The lump has now returned and it looks as though it has become cancerous with more growths in the same leg. We await the results with trepidation , as if the growths are malignant he will have to have the leg amputated. At times like this I wish I believed in God so that I could pray for a good result, which might make me feel better  even though it would in no way affect the result!
I have all sorts of subjects and issues going around in my head at the moment and if I can find time I will write a few posts to empty my head!
Until then
Bye for now
Ps. A big hello to Carla Valero and Lyn Palmer on the follower bar and Gem and Anne Christine Simpson on Bloglovin Great to see you here.x


  1. Unfortunately, the article truly reflects the state of health care in New Jersey. There are even a lot of specialist doctors now who don't want to be bothered billing your insurance so when you make your appointment you're told XX hundred dollars preferably in cash. And then you have to try to get reimbursed from your insurance company; but even then they get you because they will send the 80% they do pay to the doctor and not you. So you fight for your money.

  2. If we had to fund Col's treatment we would now be living in a tent! I just don't understand government plans to privatise NHS services......only the rich will survive......I guess that's what they want?

    1. Sorry about your lovely Coda.

    2. Same here. David has had a six year fight with cancer, anaphalatic shock, cataracts, heart surgery and many drugs daily, years later and for the rest of his life. We would deffo be bankrupt by now!

  3. Just to say the clipping is absolutely accurate and not exaggerated or hyperbolic in any way. That is exactly how it is. Victims may be able to apply for Medicaid to help with costs, but it's very iffy as to how much it would cover if anything. Hospitals will generally work out payment plans as they try to get what they realistically can and not have to write the debt off, but $25 or $50/month toward tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars owed is not likely to be paid off during one's lifetime. If you are injured in a mass shooting and don't have insurance, you will be absolutely be transported to a hospital emergency room and receive treatment. However, you will owe around $1,000 for the ambulance ride, and be charged at least a similar amount for the emergency room visit. Then you'll get billed by the individual physicians, surgeons, anesthesiologists who treat you, and the lab that analyzes your bloodwork. Then you'll be charged for the hospital bed and medical and nonmedical supplies and drugs that are used in your treatment. If you do have insurance, it will pay part but not all of these charges; you will still be responsible for deductibles and copays, which I'd explain, but I'm exhausted!

    1. And just one more thing, it's absolutely true that you may lose your house and/or face bankruptcy. Inability to pay medical expenses is a primary cause of mortgage foreclosures and personal bankruptcy in the U.S.

    2. I didn't realise that even ambulances had to be paid for by individuals.

  4. I think we (the USA) should be worried about reverse illegal immigration. I’m Of the mind that we should all leave America and go to Canada, England or France, Australia. Then, what will the idiots in Washington do when there’s no-one left to squeeze more money from? Trump talks about ‘America first’. What a crock! We will never be first, again. Those days are long gone. It’s time to take care of the people.

    1. This "America first" thing is very unhelpful. We Brits tend to believe we can manage on our own too and for centuries have considered ourselves special and invincible, which was sort of true for a while, but no longer.

  5. So sorry to hear about Coda. Our own Lab' (very similar to Coda) had to be let go due to Kidney problems, amongst other things. We still mourn him. Let's hope Coda can stay intact.

    1. I always think of Coda when I see your picture of Monty on your blog. They look so alike, both big boys!
      The vet believes we should do all we can to save Coda as he is still young (just 6) and strong. But the decision will still be hard if the tests come back positive.

  6. The problem in the U.S. is that health insurance is provided by for-profit investment companies. In the argument over forcing people to have medical and health insurance, that is never mentioned. What Obamacare did (besides forcing people into this system under threat of a hefty penalty) was to guarantee profits for these companies at taxpayer expense. To attract and keep investors they must pay out attractive dividends and show "economic growth." That is why our health care will only become more and more expensive. The bottom line is making money, not helping people. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to see where it's heading.

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