Saturday, 24 February 2018

The BEST news about Coda and feedback on latest comments

Hello Dear Bloggy friends
 Coda is back from the vets and the news is GOOD!
The lumps are not malignant and he keeps his leg, though will need to return to have the lumps, which are fatty, removed every now and again when they impair his movement.

I had a goodly few comments on my last post, which I found enlightening and thought provoking. Thank you so much,  in particular to American commenters, for giving your view on the issue. It is not my intention to argue and I am so pleased that everyone used a civil tone to comment in a similar spirit. 
I hope you will go back to my last post and read the comments if you haven't already done so.

 I am left with another thought though, which is why is it considered necessary to have security at schools? I was not aware until the news item on the security guy who didn't go into the school, that US schools have security folk. Is this at ALL US schools or just the odd one?

 I promise to get back to my frugal, self sufficient roots in my next post, honest!
love Gillx


  1. Great news, lumps are always a worry.

  2. Very pleased to hear about Coda. Our Monty developed two 'Tennis Ball sized' lumps (as a result of cortisone injections), which we had removed. As Tania says above, they're always worrying.

  3. So glad to read that Coda is OK and it can be sorted.
    J xxx

    1. Thabk you, yes it is likely to keep recurring, but can be removed

  4. Good news about your dog! I'll bet you are relieved.

    With regards to security at US schools, not all schools have security but it is seen far more often at the High School level. High schools serve approx. ages 13 to 18 so there are adults of legal age attending schools with minors. It has always been my opinion that kids are kept in school too long here in the US and should be allowed to transfer to college (or leave school) at age 16. As there are adults attending school with minors, the States have a duty to keep the minors safe, hence security teams at the High School level. This is just a very basic reply to your question :)

    1. Thanks
      Thanks for that explanation. At present all children in the UK can leave school at 16 but many stop longer (until 18) Secondary (high) school is from ages 11 to 18 an even wider age range.

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