Tuesday 17 October 2017

Up to date and a discussion item for you.

Hello All
Firstly, welcome to 99to1percent, Elaine Baron, Hannah Williams and Jen on Bloglovin.
Thank you for your comments about my Dixie tribute. For some reason I am not receiving any notifications that there have been any comments. I am trying to find out why.
 I am also having difficulty following people as "frugal in derbyshire". Whenever I try to follow someone it comes up with my personal details/identity instead, which for family reasons I don't want. As there have been some really interesting blogs I would like to follow I am finding this frustrating.

Well, as ever, I have been quite some time between blogs. it seems that whenever I am busy doing lots of (to me) quite interesting things I don't have the time to blog about them!!
 In brief...
 * We have been extremely busy in the garden, planting the overwintering veg and with produce still coming in thick and fast. This needing processing and preserving...freezing and drying, pickling and made into jam and jelly, juice, cider and wine.
Here is Adam (shared lives) de-husking the cobnuts
 And the state of the"Snug" while we are taking advantage of the gas fire being on. (Honey is easier to manage when kept warm)

 * We have been to Cornwall for our last fishing trip of the year.

  *  The bees have taken up much of our time too. Though a little late, we have taken the honey off six of our ten hives.We have left four to what they have as the hives weren't too strong. From the six hives we have spun, strained, and jarred 246 pound of honey! Our best ever honey harvest. Today I am processing the wax, which I will sell as little ounce bricks while reserving some for balm and polish.

  *  I am also supporting my youngest daughter, who lives on her own, who is moving house on the 29th of this month. At around this time her daughter (EGD), who is currently living with us, will be also be moving to the house she has bought with her partner. When they moved in with us two years ago, I took half of what I would have asked for, for board on the understanding that they banked the rest towards a deposit. This they have done and with this amount added to by careful their saving they are on now on the housing ladder!! My eldest daughter now tells us that there is a possibility that she too will be moving house. Come on girls, give me a break, even more tip runs, curtain altering, packing etc!!

 * September and October is quite a busy time for our Civic Society, so I have been/am pretty busy assembling newsletters, exhibitions etc and preparing for/holding meetings.

 *  Last weekend was my eldest daughters 50th Birthday!! How did that happen? I was a child bride you know.

   I think that brings us up to date-ish.

   Last week I watched " Homes under the Hammer". One buyer was asked why he had bought this particular house. The buyer replied that he had bought it for his son. "Will he be helping you?" he was asked."Oh No" the man replied "He doesn't like work"
  As they say .....  DISCUSS  .....          (You know what I think!)
  Back Soon
PS Did I say this post was going to be brief?!


  1. He doesn't deserve it then!
    Fantastic about all that honey!
    J x

    1. I don't think so either! We are thrilled at the honey hawl.

  2. The dad's making a rod for his own back! He'll never learn any DIY.
    Neither will be have a clue about how much things cost.
    (I also sometimes watch Homes Under the Hammer...... I can't understand where they get their money from.... they must just borrow continuously).

    1. I would be ashamed to admit that my child didn't like work.

  3. Next month is our youngests 30th birthday and I have no idea how that happened. She is moving from 1 bed flat (2 adults Florence + dog) to renting something a bit bigger - they gave up waiting for Housing Association - just hope they can really afford it. So well done on your granddaughter, doubt our youngest will be able to buy until we pop our clogs!

    1. My younger daughter is "downsizing" from the three bedroomed council ( now housing association) house she no longer needs to a two bedroom. The family she is exchanging with are so excited as such houses rarely come up and they have three children. She will be able to afford to buy when we pop our clogs!

  4. Lovely catch-up. Brilliant honey figures. My thoughts about the son who didn't like hard work probably echo yours. If you don't work you don't get, end of!

    1. Thanks. Yes we are thrilled with the honey. I can't believe a young person would see their parent give up their time and money and give nothing back.

  5. I have seen that programme, and it amazes me how cheap some houses (up north) are, and how little it costs to re-work them. However, I think I'll stay where I am.

    1. Houses are certainly cheaper "up north", but many still cannot afford them, which is why people buy houses to "do up" and rent to those who cannot afford to buy.

  6. Love to see what people are preserving and making with the harvest. Oh, Tania, don't get me started! Apologies now if this turns into a rant. Whilst out on a few errands yesterday I overheard a student, Aber Uni is home to our student population, saying he didn'like heavy work as it gave him a headache! I listen to the radio about how milleniums, I think is the term now, complain that old people are living in houses that they could move into. Back in the day things were very different, people moved to where the work was not commuting to it instead. Although you could get things on tick and HP I think normally that was for things that you really needed, not huge flat screen TVs. Again I was behind two students who were buying duvets, and flat screen TVs! then when Jon worked on some student accommodation for his boss he came home with a perfectly good flat screen TV which is now in our house, probably just because they couldn't be bothered to take it home! I guess what I am trying to get around to is that "I want it and will have it now " is the mindset of a lot, obviously not all, of younger people. You sometimes feel they feel they deserve what they want but are not prepared to work at anything they want. I appreciate that getting a deposit together is hard but you have to sacrifice whilst you are saving. Keeping up with the Kardashians, I DO NOT watch that, has a lot to answer for along with social media of course. I think you get the measure of my feelings and to finish, Jon and I are trying to teach our still young lads as many skills as we can, as well as managing their money, even though at their young age they are not always keen but most of the time it sinks in the they enjoy getting their hands dirty. Very pleased for your girls. Don't mean to preach, this is just my opinion. Here endeth the lesson.x

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