Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Tribute to Dixie

Hello All
After a goodly gap I am back to the blog.
This one is picture heavy as it is my Dixie tribute!
If you read my last post you will know that we lost Dixie last month. Here are a few pictures of her from my blog. I have had to select a few as there were many!

Here she is on one of her favourite places laptop.

 And here she is with my youngest daughter's rescue dog Sammie
 Another favourite spot is on any current sewing projects. Here she is with my eldest granddaughter , testing a quilt that she is making.
 Dixie was definitely the queen of the smallholding. She kept the dogs and the sheep in their place. In this pic I just missed the moment that her paw connected with that cute lamb nose.
 Not one to be camera shy, whenever I set up a piece for the blog (in this case some of the books I received for Christmas) she would often get in shot and refuse to move.
 Here she is looking cute on something we actually WANTED her to sleep on.
 Not too good a pic, but around that black hen are several tiny chicks. This pic demonstrates that while she was a good ratter and rabbiter and often bought moor hens through the cat flap (feet first - with wings outstretched on the other side of the door) she never touched the hens or chicks.
 Dixie  testing another quilt in progress
 Dixie demonstrating she can be kind to sheep too (so long as they behave)
 Dixie doing what she did best. being cute and kind and lovable.
 Rest in peace sweetheart. 
We miss you
Back soon


  1. Lovely pictures of Dixie and you have so many memories, she will always be in your hearts.

  2. She looks like a cat who knows what's what; Sammie looks like our Bok.

  3. What a pretty cat Dixie was. Such lovely photos. She obviously lived very happily with your family. Cats rule the roost!

  4. What a lovely tribute, glad you're back.

  5. Aw Gill, I'm so, so sorry to hear about Dixie. I loved this tribute! (I'm such a cat person at heart)

  6. The down side of having pets I am afraid. Losing them hurts.

  7. I keep losing blogs...
    So sorry to hear about Dixie. What a beautiful cat.
    As Weaver said, losing them hurts.
    I still miss Watson and thehamish everyday.

    cheers, parsnip

  8. What a lovely face she has. So sorry to hear that you lost her but she must have given you so much pleasure over the years and you gave her so much love in return x

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  10. What a lovely tribute to your beautiful cat.Its so sad when we lose one...i know what you must be going through.But remember,that that pain,reflects on how loved she was.She must have had a beautiful and happy life living with you and your Family.Thinking of you,Debi,xx

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