Thursday, 25 May 2017

Appeal - Please Drink more Prosecco

Hello from sunny Derbyshire.
This is a drink related post.
I have asked my facebook friends to drink more Prosecco, Cava or Champagne. Strangely, my appeal has been well received and donations are rising steadily.
Here is the reason why -

 How good are those for protecting eyes while gardening?
The canes are from a gardening job that H. undertook some months ago. There was a HUGE quantity of bamboo to be cut down. He bought it here and it has been drying in the barn since then. We have started to trim it to make garden canes and supports. The canes and leaves were at least 10 feet tall, some taller and there is five times more than you see to be trimmed yet. I looked up how to prepare and preserve bamboo and it looked a little complicated, with salt baths etc, so I have just dried and trimmed it. Regarding the corks, wine corks are okay, but  the sparkling wine corks are so much better for fixing and for protective qualities, hence the appeal for more. I use a lot of canes as I grow spray chrysanths , gladioli and such like for cutting as well as vegetables that need support.
   Still drink related,
 I collect old liqueur glasses ( it's a weakness I know - more clutter!). Below are a couple of examples. The one on the right is Victorian and very fine glass. The one on the left is one of my "everyday" glasses, which we use for tasting homemade damson gin, cassis etc. They are tiny but robust and probably not old, but I do love them.
 Now look at these beauties. My friend found these in a charity shop and paid very little for them. He informs me that they are Georgian. They are lovely to hold and my new favourites.
 Not in any way drink related, unless I make a tenuous link to how many bottle they are still drinking each day (3) Here are the lambs. Dumble, Duchess, Daphne, Dora, Delilah and Denzle. Little Duchess, who is sitting down in the grass, has joint ill and is currently on antibiotics. She had a nasty abscess on one foot, which has been lanced and I am currently washing out the wound with salt water twice a day. Her elbow on her other back leg is also affected so she really is in a poor way, but we are giving her the best care we can.

Lovely weather again today, but a little hot to work in the gardens.
I will be amazed if we don't get a swarm!
Keep cool.
Love Gillx


  1. The lambs are so cute. Drinking sparkling wine for health and safety reasons, that's one I need to steal! Ha ha. Tx

  2. I worked outside for half an hour and Phew - had to come in for a cool down

    1. We have tried several times to do something outside and failed because it is so hot. Lots of drinks going on (NOT Prosecco!) to help keep us cool.

  3. sorry cant help with your appeal, I am setting up a couple of bait hives this evening I just hope any swarms wait and then take to the hive

    1. Our swarms have always gone up at lunch time, usually between 12.00 and 13.00hrs. Because we have so many trees in our front garden, where we keep the bees, they usually land on one of their favoured trees and we then box them into a hive and onto a shed roof. Pretty handy really. Good luck swarm catching!

  4. I have some glasses like the one's in your second photo. You're right, they'll lovely to hold, and if yours are like mine, they've probably hardly been used.

    1. Yes, they have had little use and are still quite sparkling. I need to find more excuses to use them now!

  5. Another beekeeper I know said the same today - but isn't a swarm in May worth a load of hay?

    1. Indeed it is, because there is still time for the swarm to thrive and give honey. We have enough bees so don't really want another hive and would prefer our bees to make honey not more bees. However despite our best attentions they do tend to swarm in in hot thundery weather and as the number of bees increase and they need more space.
      Hope you are looking after yourself.

  6. Love reading your post. I need to reread about what you are growing that needs the canes but I love the way they are looking in your garden.
    I am trying to take care of the bees around my home. American bees are dying off. Mine are Arizona Bees and they are solitary and I have no hives.
    cheers, parsnip

    1. I'm glad you are taking care of the bees, they are SO important Parsnip.
      I use canes mostly for flowers grown for cutting, tomatoes, french and broad beans, peppers and aubergines, brussel sprouts and purple sprouting broccoli.

  7. I love little tiny coloured glasses. My gran had some when I was a child and they enchanted me. I am forever picking up little sets from charity shops. They are just perfect for a hit of sloe gin in the darker months.

  8. A great way to repurpose old bottle corks, and not a bad excuse to have a drop of the good stuff either!

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