Monday 2 January 2017

A good start to the year

Happy New Year Dear Bloggy friends.
David and I have had the lurgy since Boxing day, but are now on the mend. David always suffers more than I do as he has such a weak chest for various reasons.
The chickens are still going stir crazy from being kept in because of the Avian Flu thing. I am still seeing hens and geese out in the fields as I drive along and wonder if they know that currently they are required by law to keep them in. On the plus side....
 THE CHICKENS ARE COMING BACK INTO LAY. Hurrah!. So the signs are out alongside the Honey and Kindling signs, so hopefully we shall earn some money to pay the butcher for doing the deed with the sheep that go tomorrow.
Had a great Christmas up until the lurgy struck. 18 for Christmas lunch and some lovely, thoughtful  and  useful presents. One of the best was a card from my godson and his sons for a days work from each. Brilliant! I have already got lots of ideas where some brawn will be very helpful. The children bought us some cider apple trees and a four wheeled barrow thingy which I have used already to ferry animal food about, bags of munchings for the chicken house floor and a bag of potatoes and carrots from the barn to the house. This morning I have put some bags of kindling in it to ferry to the gate for sale. David bought me an electric wax capping knife which I am excited to use and I bought him a new bee tunic as his is full of holes (not good!) Lots more presents given and received but won't bore you any further apart from to mention EGD's home made hampers. One of the items she made was Jaffa cakes, which were FANTASTIC and very easy to do (not at all like the rubbish efforts in the Great British Bake Off). I shall put the recipe in my next post.
All for now, as I'm feeling a lot better and am anxious to get outside while the sun shines.
A very warm 2017 welcome to Louise Pope, Rozie Hassan, Lias, Jennifer marie and Mary Lee Williams on Bloglovin and Rita Caudwell, Sandra Graham and Maude on the Google side bar.
Back soon with the Jaffa cake recipe and the low down on how I am attempting to home cure some bacon a la the "Cro method".


  1. Wow, 18 for Christmas lunch!! :-O That's a lot to cater for when it's a sit down meal, well done. You've had some nice and useful presents, what a fantastic thoughtful idea from your godson. Glad you're feeling better.

    1. Not as bad as it sounds as I have two daughters and two granddaughters who know their way around my kitchen, so all help out.I keep thinking about the best way to use that pressie!

  2. My fingers are crossed for you!

  3. I'm looking forward to getting back to pushing a wheelbarrow around again - I may do it just for fun!
    Col has been ill since 28th with winter sickness virus, it's knocked him back about 2 months - pretty bad. Amazing what having a background illness does to something which he would have shook off in a few days back before everything went haywire.
    You had lots of lovely presents. we had some money to buy some trees when we move and too many chocs and biscuits which will last until about may!

    1. Nothing like a good barrow eh?
      I know just what you mean about Col. David's difficulty with colds etc come from the legacy of his 4 year brush with cancer and the treatment therewith, plus his heart surgery which, though life saving, has left other weaknesses !!.
      I can't wait to finish the chocs etc as I don't buy them myself but can't leave them alone if they are there.

  4. I have been laid up with a winter sickness bug, today has been my first day outside and it was fantastic, such lovely gifts, look forward to the recipe I do like jaffa cakes :-)

    1. It's been a good day outside today hasn't it?
      Jaffa cake recipe posted tomorrow.

  5. Our hens have cabin fever too - they are absolutely desperate to be out in the fields. But they are still laying well.

    1. ours haven't been laying for some time. We also have some pullets just starting. I love those perfect little eggs

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