Friday 11 November 2016

More animal antics.

Hello All
 Last night was our Remembrance Evening at the village hall. It is lovely to see our mature locals getting together for a gossip and a reminisce. We have a short service followed by tea and cake (more baking!) and we run a raffle, the proceeds of which go to the Royal British Legion. The RBL did us proud with a standard bearer and a representative to read the dedications, reading out the names of local guys who lost their lives in  WWI and WWII and leading the two minutes silence.
Today I shall be printing out 400 x  2-sided 3 pages to be posted to all the houses in our district. We are to hold a consultation evening on the 1st December to gather residents opinions on our Society's vision for a  9 hectare site. The printing includes a questionnaire for people to fill in. Let's see what happens. A couple of the Civic Society guys and myself will be posting this weekend, some of those letter boxes are evil!

Remember me saying that I was hoping to make some cider this month? I have been collecting apples that won't keep and are less than perfect. I have two wheelbarrows full so far and trays (and trays and bucket fulls of perfect ones)........
Is there a young offenders institute for chickens? The pullets are at it again!

 Remember Cheeky and the apples?

When I wasn't quick enough with said fruit, she pretended to be a dog! 
The dogs are actually waiting for balls to be thrown, but are also partial to an apple, which they just steal from buckets in the kitchen.

The only problem with posting these jolly pics is that you can see how untidy our place is, not at all as neat and tidy as most that you see in blogland.
Today is a rare day for me. I am on my own ALL DAY.
The shared lives guys don't come on Fridays and David is on his mandatory first aid course today.
 I have a long list of jobs to do as long as your arm, but I am procrastinating by blogging. My second blog this week. Heavens!

Enough of this. Off to put some soup in the slow cookers and start printing.
Welcome to Di saye on Bloglovin and Jane Austen and Maude on the follower bar. For some reason I can no longer tell if you have a blog. Please comment and let me know if you have so that I can have a nosey!
Love Gillx


  1. Oh Please ! You say messy I say lived in. Two seconds and it will be pick up and neat. Looks good to me.
    I am in love with your naughty chickens. They make me smile. Weaver has been so busy that not so many chicken posts.
    I love your gud dug and the other gud dug that you forgot you had.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Sammie is an older rescue dog and today she has used this picture on the Facebook group for "Labradors in Need" to demonstrate that adopting an older dog is worthwhile. Sammie was a 10year old townie 3years ago and now he is such a county bumpkin!

  2. Being messy is also being frugal. How many times have we all thrown something away, only to require it the following week!

    1. My husband throws NOTHING away and everybody comes to him for those things that cannot be bought!

  3. If we were all tidy the world would be a miserable place! Love the chickens guzzling on the apples, my three are always after food.