Thursday, 20 March 2014

The Cat and the Stove

 Thanks to all who commented on my last post. If I send my land girls to help you all they will be going on a world tour! I shan't tell them or they might just set off with their passports!
I'm not so good again today, this blinking vertigo is really getting on my nerves. I'm okay so long as I don't move !! it is really frustrating as there is so much to do and I don't do "sitting"
I guess I shall do a spot of hand sewing and there are a couple of maps I need to draw for the Civic Society Exhibition later in the year. That should keep me out of trouble for an hour or two. These are things I usually do once I have settled down for the night, never during the day!
Fortunately I made a cheese and onion pie for today's tea, so D. can heat that up for us tonight.

Remember  the field kitchen in the workshop? The one I thought would fit nicely into my kitchen? It seems as though I have no chance of getting it into the house as even the cat has voted for it to stay outside.
Here she is, yesterday, within  minutes of a sudden downpour she fled into the workshop and settled into the kindling box in front of the fire.
I'm having some problems with my "Follower" stuff. I find that I am no longer following some people I have followed for months and can't put that right. Similarly, Some people who are following me are not showing on my side bar. Any ideas?
Welcome to Sophie Summerlin on Blog Lovin. Nice to see you here Sophie.
I think that's about it for now.
Back soon.
The weather's on the turn again for those of us in the UK, great! I thought Spring was here.


  1. Its bitterly cold and raining here tonight and I dont think its going to be any better over the next few days! I think the cat has the right idea, I would be snuggled up in front of the stove myself. Sorry to hear you're not feeling too good at the moment, at least while you are sat you can catch up on other chores. Cheese and onion pie sounds lovely, we were treated to fish and chips today :-) Sorry cant help with the followers problem, I'm rubbish at bloggy stuff. Xx

  2. I don't do "sitting"

    LOL nor me x

  3. It's a shame to leave that wonderful object out in the shed (or wherever it is). Can't you have it shifted when a certain person is out?

    As for your blog followers; I think we all have to accept that Mr Blogger is an oddball, and has a mind of his own.

  4. Tell DH it needs blacking up! it looks very unloved and if he can't give it a good home you will! ;)

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