Thursday, 19 March 2020

Isolated in Derbyshire - part II

 Me again,
Well, it's going a bit mad out there isn't it?
One of the things I am trying while confined to barracks is looking at different recipes for bread, using different ingredients.
Today I have made beer bread - Here is the recipe - one pound (454g) Self Raising Flour; I tablespoon sugar; 330mls beer.  yep that's it!
Mix together and put in a lined 9" x 5" loaf tin and place in an oven pre-heated to 180  for 50 to 55 mins. Allow to cool in tin.
Could anything be easier? I am sure that it wont be light as a feather bread, but if you are struggling with supplies and need a chunk of something to go with your soup I don't suppose you would turn it down would you?
I took a pic of before and after and will taste it later with some lentil soup.

Restricting visitors is challenging for us. We are a noisy busy household with the kettle always on, meetings held around our kitchen table, between 6 and 12 for tea each sunday and guys with special needs for respite and daycare. As we are particularly bothered about David's health (I'm as fit as a flea) I am meeting with those we need to see, but keeping a physical distance between us.  I really don't see how families can keep apart for 12 weeks. Obviously if they live a distance away and don't see each other very often anyway it might be easier. Our grandson who works at a well known Derbyshire attraction is keeping his distance from us while ever he is working with the public as he does. Mind you, he is more than likely out of work soon as they will undoubtedly shut the venue down and there will be another zero hours contracted young person out of work without money. he is currently contacting us daily and can run errands if we need. When he came to pick something up at the beginning of the week he didn't get out of the car and I just passed the stuff to him.
  One of the benefits of there being few "distractions" (Friends calling) is that we are getting on a pace clearing the gardens and greenhouses for planting. David is also getting a good pile of wood chopped, which is a very satisfying sight.
One of the things I am looking forward to is having a go at using some of my fabric and wool stash. While looking through some old pattern books I came across this knitting pattern for a swimming suit. I remember these well, when they got wet they sagged to the floor exposing your nippies and weighed a ton.. Anybody else remember these?

That's enough for today, I know you have other blogs to read.
Back Soon


  1. Yum, that bread looks good! I got a good chuckle out of the swimsuit. I think everyone is noticing household projects that have been ignored for awhile! Now we have the time, I guess! Blogs have been a great help for me - virtual visiting! Thanks for posting!

    1. Yes social media will keep many people sane I believe and we have so much to learn from each other haven't we?

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  2. Mmm, looks and sounds yummy. Never tried making bread with beer in it, as we have a few cans (neither of us drinks alcohol now) I might have to give it a go. Had to laugh about the knitted swimsuit.

    1. Hi Sooze, hope you are keeping well. Yes have a go, it was better than expected. Photo of the sliced loaf in next blog x

  3. I remember the wool swimming suits... my Mother knitted them for me and they surely sagged after sitting in the sand with a wet suit!!

    1. And wet wool next to the skin is not a good feeling !

  4. The bread recipe looks great and so providing that there is still some flour left in the shops I shall have a go at that this weekend. I had the boy's version of the knitted swimsuit, a right disaster on leaving the water.

  5. The bread is deffo worth a try. I remember that grown-ups wore knitted suits too, which must have been pretty embarrassing on reflection!

  6. Once again Facebook reported no bread or meat in the local shops. So once the freezer odds and ends are used I could find myself making some.

  7. Those swimsuits?? Only too well Gill. I had a green one with lazy daisy pink flowers embroidered on the bodice. I learned to swim in the river in our village and can still remember the embarrassment upon standing up to find the cossie round my knees.

  8. I can't buy bread flour for love nor money so might try the beer bread soon. Thanks for sharing the recipe. And, yes, I remember the knitted bathing suits and not with affection! Horrible things.
    Stay safe x

    1. Hope the recipe works well for you if you give it a try. They were horrible weren't they?

  9. I remember those old knitted costumes. Not at all practical. I also remember the nylon-ny ruched ones that were easy to get on and so, so hard to pull off after your swim. That was when I was very little.
    The bread looks wonderful. I've used ordinary flour before to make bread and that works. I guess what you made is a bit like a type of soda bread and it should taste wonderful!

    1. Oh yes I remember the ruched ones! they were quite scratchy too. Yes it is a little like Soda bread but the taste is sweeter.

  10. I mentioned those swimsuits to Tasker, Yorkshire Memoirs, this week. Hi from Norfolk.

  11. Replies
    1. Yes, I did, me and my three brothers. They were dreadful when wet.

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