Thursday 11 August 2016

 A Short Break                                                                                                                                          Just a quickie to explain a little bloggy break I am about to take.
We have been very busy getting ready to  go on a family holiday. .. ALL of us!!
"We have rented a large house in Manorbier, near Tenby, South Wales. David and I, our daughters, a son in law, the grandchildren and their partners are all going. 10 of us plus Sammie the dog, who cannot be left as he has too many issues. A house sitter arrives as we leave. Getting organised to leave the place in the hands of a non-family member has been challenging, but she is a great person who I worked with for many years and was her manager for my last 6 years in employment. She was a trustworthy worker who used her initiative and worked brilliantly unsupervised. She is also great fun, keeps horses and has a boyfriend who keeps pigs and chickens.
 Isn't she perfect for the job?!
Copious lists and instructions re. chicken, cat and parrot idiosyncrasies have been written and festoon the kitchen. Animal supplies have been bought in, foodstuffs she might like are in the fridge and freezer, bedrooms have been freshened, watering systems for livestock and greenhouses have been simplified etc etc.
So, tomorrow we are off for the week. I am taking my laptop, as are my daughters as they are both studying at the moment.. I hope to finish the prep for my next blog on preparedness and also have a couple of documents to get ready for our civic society ( which I have to do as we are nearly at the deadline for planners)
BUT, I also have my new (yes I actually bought a new one, I had my old one for 10 years and that used to belong to my daughter!) swimming costume and my paints, my flower, insect and seashore reference books, some knitting and we have lots of games in case it rains. Oh yes, and some rather fine scotch I was bought for my birthday in June.
So here we go for a rare event, a holiday to make special memories with those we love
Back soon


  1. You sound very well prepared. I'm afraid I'm the impetuous type; I chuck my passport and a few clothes in a bag, and close the door. Sounds like you've chosen the very best week; weather-wise.

  2. Have a wonderful time, you have chosen a beautiful area to stay in.

  3. Wow! you are going to have a wonderful week - enjoy it all.

  4. It sounds wonderful. As you say, making memories for the future. Have a wonderful time.
    J x

  5. Hope you all have a wonderful time.

  6. Hope you all have a wonderful time.