Friday, 1 April 2016

Hello All
Here I am again after another little break. I am SO rubbish at regular blogging.

I thought I ought to make an effort as today we are off for our first sea fishing trip of the year and it will be Monday at least before I get a chance to post something. My daughter and granddaughter will be taking over the seedling watering, lamb bottling, parrot and cat sitting and egg collecting duties until then.

We looked over the bee hives last week and have lost two, one where the bees had starved only inches from some honey filled comb and one that was abandoned. The other eight are all now fed and looking good so far.

I have cleared most of the gardens ready for digging/rotovating and have some plants set in the  greenhouse, so here we go for another year's gardening. I hope to share some of this with you over the next few weeks.

My 15 year old "Stoves" cooker (seven burner, two oven) has developed a problem that can't be fixed. The terms of the maintenance agreement say that if a fault can't be rectified they will replace the cooker. They were unable to provide me with another Stoves, but have provided me with a Belling on a like for like basis.
Here it is
Adding up 13years maintenance payments and checking the cost of this cooker I have done quite well out of this and I guess that if this cooker lasts as well as the last one it should just about see me out!

My youngest granddaughter and I went to the fodder rooms today for more lamb milk replacer. They asked if we wanted a BIG bag of carrots for a pound as the bag had burst? Of course we did! There was approx 30lb of carrots and now I have to think of what to do with them - ideas on a postcard please!( as they used to say)

Next week sees me buckling down to organise a public consultation to attempt to capture local people's views on our Civic Society's newest campaign. This means a newsletter to write, print and post to 400+ housing ( I don't do all the posting!) a public meeting to organise, with all the attendant issues. No pressure there then!

Anyway bloggy friends after another random blog I'm off to pack the fishing rods and sandwiches for the trip.
Back Soon


  1. hope you have an amazing trip, have fun!

  2. Good luck with the fishing, shame about the bees I have read about a lot of hives being abandoned this winter, Nice new cooker hope it serves you well :-)

  3. Sorry about losing a couple of hives - maybe you'll get a swarm or two to fill them with replacements in May. Enjoy the fishing trip.

  4. The new cooker looks wonderful. As for your 30 lbs of Carrots, I mostly like them grated with lemon juice. Otherwise with beef stews, lamb stews, and tagines. They make soups far too sweet, and should never go near cake. Voila!

  5. Ooh, love fresh mackerel,herring etc. Wish I could come with you fishing!
    Have a good weekend and catch a lot of fish!

  6. Forgot to say, your cooker looks just the job!