Thursday, 10 March 2016

Meat bargains and other stuff

Hello All
Thank you for your comments on my last post. I love how so many people are interested in bees.

I have done quite well for meat bargains over the last few days.
The first pic is of the 1kg £1.55 "cooking bacon" from Lidl The 2 pieces, as you can see, are quite lean and actually weighed a little over 1kg. I cooked these in the slow cooker. They kept their shape and were not in the least bit salty. I cubed one piece to add to a quiche and a couple of omlettes and sliced the larger one for sandwiches for ourselves and our granddaughter's packed lunch.

 My next bargain was a lovely piece of brisket. I bought this "yellow sticker " joint weighing 1.4kg for £4.89, marked down from £9.77 from Tescos. As you can see it is a very lean joint. I pot roasted this. Three of us had this hot for dinner last night and there is nearly half of it left to eat cold in sandwiches.
 Here is something I didn't get round to showing you after Christmas. The girls clubbed together to buy me this beauty.....
 I am looking forward to making cider later in the year. I also have several large bags of grapes in the freezer and will be having a play with these soon.

David and the guys have been working hard at stacking wood and moving a trailer load of chippings that we were given a few days ago.  "That's that parking space cleared " he announced smugly on tuesday evening.
Yesterday (wednesday) our godson arrived with a truck full of pallets ! hey ho. I'd hate David to get complacent and it keeps him off the streets (as they say)
I bet you pallet buffs are making plans in your heads as to what you could with those pallets. The guys will be carefully taking some of them apart today.

The hens have now started laying in ernest, which means that I can put the signs out. Hurrah! Yesterday I made a quiche, an large egg custard(without pastry) and boiled half a dozen eggs for sandwiches. Love it when I don't have to skimp on the eggs..
Off to Lidl now as a request has gone up for meatballs when the family come for tea this weekend and I have no mince in the freezer.
Back soon as I seem to have got my blogging mojo back for the moment.


  1. I could do so much with those pallets, I did put in a request to hubby at the week end for some pallets as I have something in mind, Its great when you can get a few meals from one piece of meat all helps the pennies go further :-)

    1. David has a project lined up for some of the pallets of a particular size. Most of the rest will go for firewood.

  2. I told my friend, who is not a blogger but is a beekeeper, to read your post. She has just e mailed me to say that she does like the feeders. Could you please tell her where you bought them so that she can contact the company and see whether they would fit, as they already have mouse-guards on their hives. Perhaps you could just pop the answer to my question on my blog.

  3. Love the idea of pallets and have seen some great stuff made. But when we inherited some here we got really frustrated with the work of taking them apart. Wire nails apparently! Still they burnt well in the wood burner and the odd straight bit helped out in other projects. In an art gallery the other day and admired a piece of work made with a pallet block - LOL

    1. Yes they are difficult to get apart. Some are easier than others. You have to be careful to
      We burn a lot of pallet wood too.

  4. That press looks very similar to mine, although mine is green. You will need something to mash the apples; a s/h garden shredder maybe. I use mine for grapes which need no help.

    1. I had a go with apples at Christmas. I put them in a sack and bashed them with a heavy piece of wood. Some workout that was!
      I never thought of the shredder.

  5. Have you seen the tool you can buy for taking pallets apart? I'm always temped to make one!