Tuesday 21 April 2015

Animal Babies and Violets

Hello All, sorry I have been so long posting again.
Hello to Angry Parsnip, on the follower bar, who has come over here from Weaver.
While it has been some time since my last blog I am still strapped for time so this will be a quick post to keep in touch.
As promised here is an up to date pic of the lambs, from the left, Baaaabara, Biffy, Biscuit, Bubba and Betty.
They are looking pretty strong. Good job there is a lot of grass to go at!

And the Gas Meter Family, at the pterodactyl stage, ugly little blighters aren't they? (they were such sweet little balls of fluff once)
I took a fresh pic of the pigs but it is a bit bleary, so will have another go tomorrow.

And lastly here is a picture to demonstrate that being too tidy means missing out on random bits of loveliness. These "weeds" (i.e a plant out of place) on our back door step are such a joy. I am pretty sure that they are self seeded Madame de Rothchilde Violets.
I'm always happy to justify my untidiness!
Back Soon


  1. I love those self sown violets - in fact I love anything that self sows. Vita Sackville West in one of her garden books once said why is it that self sown plants like violets always choose a better place to flower than the one you chose for it. Leave them there I say - they are a delight.
    On the subject of those lambs - can you really tell them apart enough to name them?

  2. Love the lambs and like Weaver how can you tell them apart ?
    Violets, my Mothers favorite flowers. I love them too but were I live not really an options.
    Adore when flowers find where they want to live. How lucky your are to see this by your back door every day.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Easy least telling them apart! Baaarbra; white faced sticky up ears. Biffy; brownish, narrow face. Biscuit; brownish face, fluffy tufts on top of head. Bubba; white faced, floppy eared. Betty; white faced petite and missing and ear tag as she knocked it out!

  4. With Spring in the air, are you going to change your header photo? It makes me shiver.

  5. Ha! I'm with Cro on the header photo!
    Must be very a busy time at your place with all the youngsters!

  6. Aw gorgeous babies and wonderful violets :)

  7. The lambs are coming along very nicely. The garden is one place I don't feel the need to be too tidy, so self seeding is positively encouraged! I have lots of naturalised primroses and a notice lots of 'love-in-a-mist' coming up too. It always looks so much more beautiful when it's natural.

  8. Untidy is my middle name, LOL. Love those violets! The lambs are very cute, of course, but so are gawky teenaged chickens!

  9. Love the lambs, ant the violets!