Sunday, 21 December 2014

Last Santa trip

Here I am again
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   We decided that the walls in the large lounge needed washing before we hung any cards or lights up. I know Weaver understands and they REALLY needed doing. We have an open fire in this room and the walls are painted rough Derbyshire stone. Of course it wasn't as easy as a quick wash and they still looked dirty so we ended up painting the walls ! Which of course meant that the the ceiling had to be painted too, the bookshelves had to be emptied and the curtains down and washed once down. No such thing as a quick job eh? This "little" job has successfully got rid of 5 days which were put aside for other things..... mucking out the hen houses, moving the logs that have been dumped in a car parking space and the wood chippings that had been dumped into the other; getting the bedrooms ready for the family; composing, printing out and delivering  the Civic Society letters etc etc. Hey Ho, back on course now.
 We will get little done today as D. is Santa again.. Even though it has been pretty time consuming he has enjoyed it and the feedback from the families has been great. For £8.00 a child gets an hour trip on the canal boat with  biscuits, mince pies stollen etc at each table. There is juice and tea, coffee or mulled cider for mums and dads (and grandads and grandmas) carols are sung by all and of course  there is an audience with Santa in the galley with a small present. Towards the end of the trip Santa leaves his galley and mixes with the children and there is another opportunity for a photo shoot.
Happy times
 The downside is that Santa has put his hip out and will probably need winching onto the boat!
 I'm off now to play at being an elf. Back soon


  1. Sounds like fun whilst providing lifelong memories for the children. Wonderful :D

    Oh dear, simple tasks that become major are a terrible spoke in the wheel, aren't they. On the positive side, your lounge has had a spring clean in winter - so, hopefully, you'll have more time in Spring ;)

  2. Painting a whole room a week before Christmas is edging on to slightly potty!!
    The canal boat trips sound brilliant for everyone and I think Santa needs a munch on that special lichen the reindeer eat that makes them fly :-)
    Hope you get your list done in the next few days. Happy Solstice Sunday

  3. I'm just back from mucking out the henhouse.... you haven't missed much!

  4. Small jobs always sem to turn into big ones, when you are working against the clock don't they? I have much to do today but hubby is still asleep, as we've been up in the night with Twiglet who has been sick many times. He's on the mend now though.
    Your hubby is a trooper. When Twiglet was in Reception (4 years ago) we had a school visit to the Safe Anchor Trust and did a similar thing. The lovely volunteers had got up extra early to break ice on the canal, so the barge could get through. The children and parents had a magical time and he still talks about it now. Well done for making such happy memories.

  5. I picture how lovely the canal ride event would be. Here in Minnesota, but maybe not this year after our stretch of unseasonably warm weather, the boat would need an ice breaker. Tell Santa to be good to his back.

  6. I have done the whole wall-washing/painting thing just before the holidays and have convinced myself not to do it gets to be all a part of the Christmas madness for me and the reason why I am glad we are away for Christmas(in the UK with son #1), every other year!

  7. Probably safer being an elf I would have thought. Hope Santa's back is better for his huge sleigh ride round the world on Wednesday night Yes by the way - thoroughly approve of the doing over of the room.

  8. Many years ago we bought a house and moved in Nov.1. House hadn't been painted in 25 years. Day after Christmas we sent the children to stay with Granma and spent 5 days painting every room in the house. Mid-winter, oil base paint - both of us half sick from the paint smell. I'm still thankful it was a very small house - only 4 rooms and a bath!

  9. Wished we lived nearer, my boys would love a trip on a canal with Santa. What a jolly fellow he looks in your previous post too! X

  10. I know those small jobs that turn into big ones ! Nice and fresh for Christmas though !
    The boat trip sounds awesome...have a great Christmas, Gill

  11. Merry Christmas!

  12. The old, one thing leads to another, LOL The Christmas canal boat trip sounds like a lot of fun.