Friday, 27 April 2018

Can you identify these old (antique) pans?

Hi People.
Anyone any idea what these pans were used for ?  They are for sale in an antique shop in a town near to us and neither the owner, nor my friend who is a collector of antiques are sure what they were used for. My Cornish friend who is up for the weekend suggests perhaps they were used to make clotted cream. I have no idea, but think they are rather lovely.

Back to normal (for me!) stuff  in my next post.


  1. I have no idea Gill...but aren't they gorgeous :)

  2. I too think they are cream bowls, or bowls for making cream. I have seen the same shapes with lips in glass. Not sure, but someone will confirm one way or the other.

  3. I am wondering why there are two identical pans, and how they have managed to stay together. This suggests they might have been part of a scales or something similar (where pairs are important), but I doubt if that's the answer.

    I like that little table they're on too.

  4. I like the pans. They look like they are for boiling soup or milk or a sauce? Are they expensive?

  5. Cream pans are usually round. As there are two together they don't form a fish kettle?

  6. I can't tell how large they are, but in my (not vast) experience, scalding pans for clotted cream are large and shallow (maybe 2.5 inches in height) and 18 inches or so in diameter. They look similar to them, for sure, but I've only ever seen round ones - these look a little oval? Am sure there would be regional variations, though.
    A pair of scalding pans in a larger house would not be unusual, from what I've learned

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  8. What interesting pans! My first thought was cream pans, but cream is usually skimmed off the milk, so I don't know why there would be a spout. Obviously something needed to be poured off!

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  10. My mother's cream vessels in the dairy in the 1950s did not have spouts. Sorry don't know what they are but cream is not poured off. Sorry I am only just reading this but came across from Dave tonight.